King of the Stolen Lands

Adra's Journal: Session 1

"There must be some mistake..."

Session 1(Reboot): “There must be some mistake…”

From the journal of Adra Kellen:

Therendor 24th,
Brindol, Rhestilor

I am still unsure of the madness that has infected the councilors at the Razmiran embassy. They have obviously been living too far from society and have reverted to a primitive state. Their decision to waste my services on an expedition to the so called Stolen Lands is not only an insult to my station, but a clear indication of their incompetence as administrators. I was sent to Razmiran to ensure that the disease of this uncultured, uncivilized, Flame forsaken land did not corrupt the young nation and more importantly the recently established missions and congregations. Instead, I am to venture into the Greenbelt and establish order under the banner of the Sword Lords of Rhestilor. While this directive is not contrary to the goals of the church I feel that if I were to establish order in an uncivilized region I should be carrying the banner of the Silver Flame by request of Flamekeep for the greater glory of the nation of Galifar rather than some backwater nation that shuns the Dragonmarked houses and the laws of greater nations.

I shall petition this assignment at the earliest possibility.

Therendor 24th,
Brindol, Rhestilor
Side Note

The others gathered before the Sword Lords were not what I expected. There were two followers of the Sovereign Host, a Paladin of Dol Arrah and a priest who seemed to represent the Unified Host. I was reassured that this land could produce atleast two individuals who seem dedicated to their faiths, even if they do not follow the Flame’s teachings. The other member of the group was a disfigured dwarf hailing from the Hammerfist Holds, I would imagine anyway. He attempted small talk with me; I was in no such mood for idle pleasantries. They all seem capable of the tasks that were set before us. I hope that they find my replacement adequate.

Eyre 1st,
Brindol, Rhestilor

I have sent several letters concerning my displeasure and obvious misuse of my abilities addressed to the High Cardinal of Razmiran as well as High Inquisitor Galas. Unfortunately this destitute and remote land has no Sivis Sending Station or Orien courier. I have sent these letters by river barge, once within Razmiran I have ordered my courier to make use of either House as long as they are delivered in a timely fashion. I spent extra coin to hire a fairly educated youth who has been working at the Razmiran embassy. I am certain he will join the ranks of the clergy. Hopefully, when he is finished with his tasks he remains in Razmiran. I have written a letter of introduction and directions to the new priory in the capital. A life of service is much better than any life he would have if he remained in this wretched land.

I eagerly await they’re reply.

Eyre 8th
Brindol, Rhestilor

I have heard no reply from any of my correspondence. I may be premature in awaiting a reply. Requiring traditional courier services seems so barbaric. I would think I was a goblinkin living in the fabled lands of the Dhakanni, Flame forbid!

Eyre 15th
Brindol, Rhestilor

It has now been two weeks since I sent my missives. I fear I may have put too much faith in that boy. Was I in error? I am usually able to tell if someone has the spark of the divine about them. Perhaps this land is deceiving me.

Eyre 18th
Brindol, Rhestilor

I received some grave news. The barge that carried my letters was besieged by bandits. From what I have gathered it was a band of gypsies, river people who make their home where ever they roam. All hands were lost and all cargo is considered to be in the hands of these bandits or at the bottom of the Elsir River. It is a terrible loss, I spent hours drafting those letters. Luckily, I retained a copy of each in my own records. I should be able to get another batch out as soon as the next barge leaves which I have learned will be in two days.
It is also unfortunate that the boy was lost. I had real hope that he would someday learn the tenants of the Silver Flame and become not just one of the faithful, but one of us. I shall spend the coming days in prayer and reflection awaiting the barge.

Eyre 20th,
Brindol, Rhestilor

I have spent the last two days in prayer and have been illuminated by the holy word. It has revealed to me that my place is here, the task that I was given is my sacred charge. The boy was lost due to the savages of this land. If Razmiran and the Church of the Silver Flame stand a chance to succeed here, it will require the lands neighboring it to have some semblance of law and order. I have an opportunity to make these lands safe for the faithful and by my actions others will see the light of the Silver Flame as a guiding beacon in the darkness of these lands. I will bring warmth to those that do not have it and burning flame to those that deserve it.

I have sent my letters with addendums; I will do what I can until my superiors have been able to send a replacement. Until that time, this is my charge. I am here to honor the Eternal Flame and do glorious deeds to honor those who have sacrificed all to save us from the darkness.

Eyre 28th,
Brindol, Rhestilor

It has been a month’s time since I met with the Sword Lords. Much as transpired in that time. I have doubted my task and now accept it as a temporary position. During my time here, I wish to bring as much civility and law to this land as I can.

I have regrouped with the others I had met: the Paladin and Knight Sir Cedric Fellstorm, the priest Boris Cisarovna, and the dwarf Stonechest Bloodbeard. All of which were late. We had a scheduled time and place to meet, apparently time keeping is a skill these country types have yet to master. The Sword Lords have provided us a wagon with supplies, while well meaning they failed to deliver certain necessities that I luckily had arranged on my own. While the Dwarf and the knight argued over who would drive the wagon, the priest of the Host saddled his own steed. Curious that the knight lacked his own horse. I wonder if he is either lazy or lacks the skill.

The knight discussed our plans before I rode out ahead. We were to travel south to the land known as the Greenbelt. There is a trading post run by a man named Oleg where we will establish ourselves and make a base of operations. I do hope that they have adequate accommodations.

Dravago 1st,
The Road to Oleg’s

All would be well if it not for a screaming monkey that the dwarf brought with him from who knows where. By the Flame! I will end that miserable creature’s life if it does not stop screaming. What right does a dwarf have possessing a monkey in the first place?

Dravago 3rd
Oleg’s Trading Post

We arrived to find the trading post bustling with activity. Across the road the banner of Rhestilor flew over a small military encampment. Boris and Stonechest met with some of the locals, while Sir Cedric and I made our way over to the encampment. I was delighted to see that the knight had kept his courtly manners even if he was more ‘road worn’ than a common caravan guard. It turns out that the sergeant in charge of this encampment was Kesten Garess, a member of the same house as Sir Cedric. Some misfortune had befallen him as Cedric made an apology in his introduction. I believe he must have experienced a loss, perhaps his wife or child?

He alerted us of the goings on of late here at the Trading Post. While Sir Cedric was eager to ask questions he was without pen and pad to record our conversation. I quickly presented my own journal to record notes, which Sir Cedric took for granted. I am no scribe or minstrel! I am not going to follow Sir Knight around and take record of his accomplishments nor his conquests…

However, I did record several details that will be of use to our investigations into this land. We learned that a Stag Lord is uniting and organizing the bandits of the river lands under one banner. His followers carry with them a silver amulet of a stag’s skull. Perhaps some cult or Druidic order? I am sure it is not a denomination of the Dark Six, as I have dealt with that before. We will need to keep an eye out for more information on whatever this Stag Lord is. A more pressing matter was brought up to us regarding a certain Falgrim Sneeg, who lead the members of Kesten’s group astray and made off with the better part os a traveling merchants inventory. Falgrim is a mercenary and scout who knows the land well. Kesten believes he is one of the gypsies and was last seen fleeing to the south. Kesten also gave us a general indication of the attitudes and motivations of the common folk of the area. He alerted us to a set of codes that the people of the land follow. I will need to look over these codes and see what kind of people we are dealing with.

Our conversations ended politely and we regrouped with the priest and the dwarf who were discussing local matters with several of the outpost’s regulars. The dwarf looked to write to the Sword Lords and alert them of our arrival, but I handed him a letter prepared in advance. We were introduced to Svetlana and Oleg, the proprietors’ of the trading post. Old Poon was the only local of real note as he was able to give us some direction as to Falgrim’s whereabouts. We have a rough idea that he may be within the Hooktongue Slough, which is populated by Boggards. Old Poon also indicated several landmarks on our map. We were also made aware of several monstrous creatures that have bounties for their capture or demise. The priest, Boris, was very much enthusiastic about hunting these beasts.

Oleg and Svetlana were quite gracious and we were offered a place to stay while on Sword Lord business. I believe we will make the trading post a temporary base of operations. After some discussion, we decided to make for a ruined ferry crossing in the morning. Its said its haunted by the former ferryman. We shall see if there is truth to that.

Dravago 3rd,
Oleg’s Trading Post
Side Notes

Old Poon- an old and somewhat witless trapper who besides his lack of sense may be the best authority on the area.
Grissom- A compatriot of Old Poon

Kobold Caves- 30 miles south across the kames, Kobold tribe, the Soot Scales, are in possession of a fairly large silver mine. They are currently mining it and have good trade relations with Oleg and company.

Fortress on the Tuskwater- Locals rumored that there is a fortress on the Tuskwater that is home to a cult to some goddess of greed.


Shrike- Deep and Wide, waterfalls prohibit travel by boat
Thorn- Name derived from the thorns and brambles on its shores
Skunk- Born from hotsprings
Murque- Mostly swampy
Little Sellen- Runs off the East Sellen River
Goudrin- Clean good water

Dravago 7th,
Forest’s Edge, The Green Belt

The last few days have been mostly uneventful. However, our stop at the Ferryman was the exception. We found it was indeed haunted by the former ferryman. He was slain by the Stag Lord. I cautioned the others that we should delay its final rest, as it may not work. Creatures born from death sometimes require specific rituals or procedures to put them to rest. In this case, he may be a revenant in which case he will be near unbanishable, unless we meet the requirement of his death. The dead are not prone to lie if they have nothing to lose, it claimed he had brought no harm to anyone, however no one is able to cross the river until the Stag Lord lies at the bottom of his river.

We agreed that if we heard anything about the ghastly ferryman harming anyone we would ride back and defeat him by any means we could.

Our stop at the Kobold Caves was remarkable only in that we witnessed kobolds that were organized and were not quick to flee or attack us. They seemed well adjusted to humans and even bartered a trade for some cheeses we had on us. We gained several pieces of silver ore in exchange for cheese. Again, remarkable.

On our way back to Oleg’s trading post we swung west to a place where the kobolds indicated may be another mine. The others went within the earth and retrieved several rocks that we believe may contain gold. As I write this we are beginning to break camp to venture towards the forests to the west. Our hope is to retrace the steps of the previous group that made for the “stolen lands.” So far it seems they had done a fine job of clearing the immediate area of bandits and made some great alliances.



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