King of the Stolen Lands

Adra's Journal: Session 13

Session 13: Nothing Left But Ashes

Session 13: “Nothing Left But Ashes”

From the journal of Adra Kellen:

Rhaan 3rd, 818
East Shore of Candlemere Island
Early Morning

I am not well, this place is tainted and we would be wise to not linger here.

We’ve arrived at the island just before sunrise. The shores had proven too treacherous for the sloop and we made for a clearing in a small dinghy. That’s when we saw the tower looming over the island. We guess that it resides at the center of the island, yet we cannot locate any tracks or trails that lead to it. Once we touched foot on the island, it was clear this place had not been inhabited for decades, maybe centuries. The small beach we landed at was more rock than sand. The jagged and loose stones hindered our footing and made it difficult to even stand without stumbling. We moored the boat to one of the boulders at the shore. Boris and Cedric were the first to step out into the long wild grasses surrounding the shore. They quickly returned to report that the ground gave way to a foul smelling bog and the area was teeming with stinging nettles.

This mystical wolfsbane better be worth it.

Rhaan 5th, 818
Fort Serenity

I’ve found myself back in my room within the fort in Halcyon. My vision is blurred and my head aches. I found a strange geometric scare on my arm, as if I was punctured by something? I’ve seen something similar from electrical discharge, but I can’t be sure. I have no answers for any of this. My face is swollen and tender to the touch; mirrors show an image worse than I actually feel. What in Eberron happened on that island? What of the others? Are they alive? How did I get back?

Something truly terrible must have happened to trigger this lapse in memory. I have looked over my notes and there is nothing but indecipherable gibberish. There are entire pages of my journal that are covered in scribbles. I may have tried to record something, perhaps my sight was an issue? Investigating my room, I found my clothing and gear I had worn the day I stepped onto the island covered in stinging nettles and thorns. My small clothes are covered in some sort of ichor. Horrific. The bath is still holding filthy water from a bath the night before?

I had suffered a slight burn on my left side, reflected in the strange discoloration and scorching of my clothing. My face was covered in small punctures, now closing up. The major cause of swelling had to have been from a reaction to a plant’s toxin. My eyes had suffered the worst from this swelling, that and improper treatment. One of the others must have tried to administer a salve and as per usual failed miserably. Those idiots could have blinded me. On closer inspection of my eyes I could tell they had changed color slightly. That would explain the amnesia. Otherwise I am healthy, albeit terrified of what could have happened.

A message had arrived sometime during my self-examination. It was from Soren. He wishes to speak to me regarding one of his Lions. Apparently she has been acting strange ever since returning from the island. Perhaps, she had a similar experience to mine. It will be difficult to interact with the others, they know nothing of my ability to purge memories. This will require some finesse.



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