King of the Stolen Lands

Adra's Journal: Session 20

Session 20: The Missing Girl

Session 20: “The missing Girl”

From the journal of Adra Kellen:

Sypheros 7, 818
Early Evening

Arriving back in town after dealing with the Wight was a small comfort. The others wandered off to their various vices and distractions, while I visited the other councilors. Kesten and Akiros were busy with the usual concerns. While we had made great strides since the flood, there were still problems that needed addressing. Zat, while off in the wilds somewhere, had left a note detailing his recent observations: trolls and a giant to the south. We will need to deal with this sooner or later. Kurgar, sent me a crude and vulgar illustration. Apparently, he has nothing but free time as he wanders our small nation.

My evening was interrupted by the priest Alexi. I had just returned to the fort to retire when he came to me with news of a missing girl. He had previously seen to one of the brothel’s girls who had been injured, though he believed that the girl was being abused. The same girl was now missing.

We made a quick inquiry around town and found the small room she rented. Ustes Morvaine owned the building and explained that Jinna, the missing girl, was quiet and kept her business to herself. Even though she worked at the brothel she never brought her work home with her. Though when pressed, Ustes did relay that she had several arguments with a man. He had heard shouting on more than one occasion, but thought nothing of it. He suggested it might have been a love interest, but he wasn’t sure. Jinna does have family in the unincorporated section of town, perhaps they know more.

As we searched the girl’s room, I was made aware how much Oleg had been deceiving me. I had ordered several goods from Brindol and he swore they were unavailable or were too costly for him to order. Yet, as I examined Jinna’s room I found those exact items amongst her things…

I found a personal journal and calendar marking her days spent working and her cycle. Within the journal, I found several letters from Scarrel who it turns out is the Jinna’s brother-in-law. By the letters, it seems he was more than that at some point. The letters ask Jinna to stop and that he was misled. That he ‘always wanted it to be their baby.’ Further letters were written from Jinna to her sister Anja, though they were all unfinished asking about Jinsie, Scarrel and Anja’s daughter. The journal also contained numerous mentions of Cedric, dating as early as six months ago. Apparently Jinna has had a fascination with Cedric since the moment she first saw him. Her fascination may have been the reason she took a job at the brothel.

Knowing that there had to be something more I proceeded to search more thoroughly. I found a small box hidden in her armoire containing a journal, a ragged black smock, and a wooden orb shaped like a bloodshot eye. I knew the symbol as the one that had been appearing around town. The cult of Gyronna was known to be made of scorned women and its influence was thought to lead to instability to wherever it took hold. The journal contained dire and cryptic entries: ‘the plan has worked,’ ‘everything is going how she wants it,’ and ‘have a piece of him with me.’ It’s clear that the girl or her family is involved in this cult operating in town.

Cedric was informed and there are plans to meet with the girl’s family tomorrow.

Sypheros 8, 818
Late Afternoon

It’s clear that something sinister is infusing the town. We had visited Jinna’s family’s home in the unincorporated part of town and found her sister’s husband, Scarrel. He seemed to be an honest and hardworking individual who was looking to rise above his current station. Scarrel’s daughter Jinsie was present and while she was helpful in determining the truth of Scarrel’s words I wanted to know if she had seen or heard anything. I used a technique to listen to the surface thoughts of those I focused on and revealed little more from the girl or the father. What was startling was I heard the voice of some other person, I fear that it may have been some poor soul who was buried nearby. The technique I learned was not meant for that purpose. Speaking to the dead was not the intention, but there it was. I could only hear whispers and could not determine if the voice was male or female, or its age. It was clear though that somewhere close, there was a grave.

Unfortunately, there was no time to search for the soul who spoke to me. We needed to see to the matter at hand. Anja was working with one of the town’s mid-wives and was currently helping with a birthing. We proceeded to the residence of the soon to be parents. The mid-wife Malgorzata Niska was running the birthing like a well-practiced ballet. There were looks of surprise as Cedric walked in, but were soon replaced with scowls as we all were in the mid-wife’s way. She snapped at us to step outside, Alexi offered his services but was refused. We were able to get Anja to follow us out and were able to speak with her. Anja is a cold and bitter woman with something to hide. I was very close to revealing her secret when Cedric called me off. Apparently I was too hostile and was starting to make a scene. Answers sometimes come at a price. I had very little substantial evidence, mostly all circumstantial. Though I swear she has something to do with this cult and the disappearance of her sister.



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