King of the Stolen Lands

Adra's Journal: Session 22

Session 22: A Giant Travail

Session 22: A Giant Travail”

From the journal of Adra Kellen:

Sypheros 9, 818
Late Morning

While I would rather not ride out to meet a giant intent on ruining the countryside, it’s better than the treatment I’m receiving here in town. If the others choose to join, so be it. I would rather not have them fouling up anything else today.

This morning I found a new woman in town with purple hair. She refused to submit her name and reason for her visit, but insisted she see Cedric. So without delay I escorted Cedric’s new ‘guest’ to the fort. I had not returned to the fort last night due to the tainted child that Stone had taken there. Stone and Cedric were very hostile towards me and forbid me from seeing the child. When we arrived at the fort I had the woman wait in the courtyard. I knew Cedric would still be occupied and found him as I usually do. He was not so keen on meeting someone so early, but had become interested as I described her. He quickly dressed and met with the woman while I caught up to Akiros who had stopped in.

I met with Akiros and walked with him on his way back to the jail. He had experienced some difficulty questioning the cultists from the night before and I let him know that I would see to them as soon as I spoke with Jhod.

I stopped in at the brothel where I left the child the night before. The babe was in good spirits and I quickly took it to Jhod before it changed its mood. There I explained the situation and Jhod insisted he take over finding the parents. I always intended he handle the matter, but wanted to warn him of the dangers we may face if these substitute children were permanently stained by this cult’s actions. I knew that he would not hear my solution, so I put it in his hands. I would not be responsible for the mess that may follow in years to come.

After my business with Jhod, I made my way to the jail and found a large crowd outside. It was pay day and the guard were lining up for their monthly wages. Soren was just outside and followed me in. He wanted to see what the fuss was all about, he had heard of what happened the night before and wanted to see the ‘knitting cult’ himself. Akiros had mentioned that the cultists were being difficult, but they were far worse than that. They had been touched by whatever dark thing they worshipped and their minds were failing. Soon their bodies would and nothing could be done for them. I tried to coax out any information that I could, but only received insults and curses. I tried to soothe the woman’s wounds with the Light of the Flame, but it only did harm. The darkness that had taken this woman’s mind had already corrupted her flesh and a healing touch had become a searing pain. Before I could react, the woman burst into flame. I had never quite experienced something like that. It was if she was infused with the same energies that undead are charged with. Cedric came in to find what had happened and admonished me for killing the woman. I tried to explain, but he refused to listen.

On my way back to the fort I encountered a couple kobolds in the employ of Zat. They spoke to me about the threat of a giant to the south and of the trolls that we had been hearing about for months. I wanted a distraction, so I took them to get a late breakfast. We discussed several matters that Zat had brought up to me in the past and I assured them that I would look into this giant threat and the trolls. The giant was on a rampage of sorts seeking Bluewolf Berries. If the giant could be reasoned with we could send him away, otherwise I would make sure he threatens no one again.

Sypheros 9. 818
Abandoned Ferry – South of Miron
Late night

That certainly could have gone better. Cedric and that woman Els is still out there somewhere searching for Stone. For all the trouble that dwarf has caused it would be a relief to hear that Cedric found nothing and he too had given up on the stubborn shit. Alas, Cedric has some disorder that makes him incapable of hating that dwarf.

Els, the woman who sought Cedric this morning, had joined us on the trip. Cedric had returned to the fort as I was gearing up my horse and thought I was giving up and riding out. I informed him of the threat of the giant and his eyes lit up. Stone immediately dropped what he was doing and insisted he come along. Cedric’s new woman companion seemed amused by all of this and was also interested in coming along. So we rode out shortly after the noon hour and arrived at twilight at the site of the giant’s ‘encampment.’

We found the giant sleeping on a hillock, not far from the abandoned ferry we are calling camp tonight. The stench was overwhelming and we approached cautiously, all but Stone anyway. Stone immediately drew his weapons and raced toward the sleeping hulk. Cedric called for Stone to stop, but he persisted. Els spoke up in a language I could only guess was the tongue of the giants. It’s eyes slowly lolled open and called back in a broken combination of its own language and Galifaran. It was surprised to hear that its language spoken and concerned it couldn’t see us. It was clearly drunk and confused, and then it was angry. Stone struck at the giant with his axes and a cry of pain erupted from the massive dumb creature. It stood up and began to engage with Stone who would not give up and purposely ignored Cedric who pleaded with him to stop. Els continued to converse and tried to calm the giant down, hard to do when a dwarf continues to chop at you. I finally entered the fray and fired several arrows between the idiot giant and the moronic dwarf. Els was quickly translating and replying as it continued to bash about Stone. Finally, she convinced the giant that the dwarf was not with us and that we’d like him to help us subdue him. I couldn’t stop grinning, it was too funny. Here we are trying to diplomatically resolve this and Stone, who thought I was out of my mind earlier and the night before for my suggestions, was doing everything he could to kill this drunken idiot of a giant. Finally, Stone broke off his assault and tumbled into the underbrush. We lost sight of him as the twilight began to fade to night. Cedric called out for him to return, but he heard nothing. Els continued to speak with the giant in its language and came to some sort of accord. She made a gesture and the giant began to walk south. When asked what she had done, she sheepishly replied that they came to an agreement and she would honor it. Soren this entire time was just as bewildered as I was.

Cedric and Els remained around the giant’s former roost and searched for Stone as Soren and I made for the Abandoned Ferry. I had no interest in searching for Stone after he nearly ruined our negotiations. While I am not happy that I wasn’t involved in the conversation, when the giant broke into Galifaran he spoke about beer and his desire for more. I could only guess that the agreement relied on the trade of liquor. While I think settling this situation without killing the giant was a good idea, this is a new mess to deal with. The giant will still be around and unless Els plan works we will just have to deal with him again later. Stone has run off, annoyed that we ‘dare associate with giants’ and that he’d ‘never step foot in a town allied with giants’ while Cedric is now looking for him. Again, I don’t know why Cedric allows this to happen. Stone deliberately refused an order from Cedric and could have caused far more harm because of it.

As long as Stone returns before our next council meeting I don’t care what he does or doesn’t do. He and Cedric can have their little spat, but if this jeopardizes the stability of the nation, then Cedric better choose between that dwarf and the safety and wellbeing of Miron.



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