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Adra's Journal: Session 23

Session 23: Shadows over Leveton

Session 23: “Shadows over Leveton”

From the journal of Adra Kellen:

Sypheros 10, 818
Balinor’s Helm – Tuskwater Lake
Early Morning

Leveton is under siege.

We are on the Balinor’s Helm making our way back to Halcyon to make preparations for the imminent confrontation.

Akiros found us this morning as we broke camp, his usual calm replaced with an overwhelming urgency. Leveton had been taken by Caravel Cisarovna, the older brother of Boris Cisarovna. I needed a minute to recover after he explained that the town was besieged by the two brothers and a small army who were operating out of the Temple of the Elk in the Narlmarshes. Cedric had been a mess since the previous night he had returned sans dwarf and seemed more upset with himself than with Stone. His demeanor changed dramatically when he heard the news. He was quiet and had a focus I had only seen when we were in the middle of combat. In a way it was frightfully unlike Cedric, yet I was strangely comforted by it. I just hope his focus does not become bloodlust. With the recent events Cedric has met in the last few days his resolve will be tested. I do not envy what he will have to do in the coming days. The people will need their Baron and I will do my best to help retake the town from that deviant family.

Sypheros 10, 818
Fort Serenity – Halcyon

We arrived back in town to more evils. The brewery was raided and set aflame this morning shortly after Akiros set sail for us. The town guard reported that a man in elk horns was seen leaving the brewery with Stone’s son, Gems. Witnesses saw the barbarian Kundall along with a black horse attack the elk horned marauder as he fled the city with Gems in tow. We visited Kundall and found him in dire shape. Cedric quickly saw to his wounds and asked for the barbarian to recount what happened. He was unable to tell us much, but before exhaustion took him he pledged he would fight for us when we marched on Leveton.

Kesten had already begun to muster the militia and when we finished with Kundall, he sent Betyn one of his fastest riders north.

Sypheros 10, 818
Fort Serenity – Halcyon

We have heard nothing from our rider. If he had encountered no resistance he would have been back by now. I have an idea what Boris is capable of, but I know nothing of his brother. Cedric had told me his family had seen him during the skirmish up north when the Cisarovna lodge burned. He described a man nothing like Boris. Physically imposing, menacingly dressed in heavy armor carrying a variety of weapons. Having met Boris’ sister, I fear that he may have either divine gifts or some untrained magical talent. I hope that this is not the case. Its bad enough Boris abuses his gifts from his patron, who I am not convinced is the Host or Balinor.

Sypheros 12, 818
Fort Serenity – Halcyon

Our rider was returned this morning. Its settled, the Cisarovna’s die today.

Two riders appeared on the road heading north out of town flying the banner of Cisarovna. I rode out to meet them with my kobold acolytes. As I did, I noticed the two men were holding the ends of ropes tied to Betyn’s arms. He was stripped of clothing and it was clear he was dragged most of the way. He had suffered further wounds suggesting torture. The two men called out for me to stop and they let the man drop to the ground. They snickered that Cedric would send a woman to defend him and later remarked that I was a gift. It took some effort to not kill them where they stood. After much posturing they finally spoke their ‘demands,’ Cedric was to fight ‘Duke Caravel’ for the rights of rulership of all Miron and the rest of the River Lands. No one is to interfere, though I doubt they would honor this. It was clear these men that the Cisarovna’s attracted were criminals and of low moral fiber. I responded to thire lewd and repulsive speech with a threat that shook them to their core. They had nothing else to say and rode off.

As those deviants rode off, I saw to Betyn. He was alive, but wouldn’t be for long. I healed him with the Flame’s gifts and he recovered enough strength to speak. He relayed troop numbers and the layout of their camp. He wasn’t absolutely certain of the numbers as he was stopped before he reached the camp surrounding town, but he guessed they were about 200 strong. If this is true, we may have a hard fight ahead of us. He was brought in front of Caravel who he described as a lunatic in full plate. He believed he was the true ruler of this land and Cedric was his usurper. Caravel had his men beat and humiliate Betyn, all the while Caravel told of how the town of Leveton had become his and how his men had claimed property and women. Oleg and Svetlana were his prisoners and we knew that Gems was Boris’, but Betyn hadn’t seen either.

Kesten and Cedric had mustered the militia. It wasn’t much of fighting force, but it would have to do. There were a total of 56 men, of that number 5 were gnomes (the crew of the Balinor’s Helm), 25 were kobolds, 4 were dwarves, and the rest a mix of humans and half-elves. The Town Guard would remain in Halcyon for defense if our enemy decided to attack when we left.

Cedric is currently speaking to the men who will march with us. He already gave a speech in the center of town which helped calmed the nerves of the citizens. Even when we recover Leveton and our councilors, it will be a long road to recovery after something like this.


Always good to get Adra’s pragmatic and wry perspective of the situation. She get 500 XP and 1 Hero Point.

Adra's Journal: Session 23

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