King of the Stolen Lands

Adventure Log 8b – The Eater of Kobolds

We witnessed the frogman make a deal with some unknown gypsies. My unit was quite interested in figuring out what this eater of Kobolds was up to, and theorized the a fledgling drug trade. This worried many in my unit.

We traced down the frogman in his dwelling. Our Paladin and Inquisitor attempted to parlay with the frogman, but it did not go well, and he Impaled our Inquisitor though the leg with a spear. I managed to get the Inquisitors muscles healed with a spell, and did not notice any lingering effects of the wound. We dispatched the giant fanged companion of this murderer. I was quite sure it would have swallowed us whole quite easily. The notion is disturbing. The Eater of Kobolds outnumbered and about to be overran, and executed if I had my way, fled into the swamp.

Now the Sootscales are worried that there is a murderous flesh eating monster on the loose with its whereabouts unknown. The unit is rather upset at both the handling of this mission and its results. Perhaps we can hire a diviner to help the Sootscales track this beast down.



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