King of the Stolen Lands

Adventure Log 9 – The Tree Wants to Eat Me

We located a some sort of fey woodland creature made of . . . wood. She looked like a human sized marionette. I was extremely tempted to check for strings, but something compelled me not to. A goatman seems to be the mate of the wooden lady. I wonder what there children would resemble wooden goatmen, if such a union is possible.

Evidently there is a fairy feud going on in the woods adjacent to the kingdom. They warned us that there is a giant tree, that can move, and eat people. Evidently this man eating tree delights in eating the fey on the other side of the controversy. I had questions as to the extent of this trees evil tendencies. The woods where it set up house was overgrown with enormous trees, and the air was rank with rot and the ground beneath my feet felt vile and wrong. The evil infestation was beyond what I had imagined. I cast protective spells on most of the units frontline fighters. I wished for more anti-evil spells in my soul that day.

We located the tree, deep within the blight. I wish I could say I was hard pressed to see something as wickedly evil, but it was certainly a different type of evil than the diseased and demonic boar we faced last year. It had terrifying children. Small stickly things with thorns and spears. They must have used some type of fey magic that caused those thorns to propel themselves at a velocity so that they would rend though a grown man and kill his family behind him.

I nearly died that day, almost killed by a twig thing. By divine intervention I was saved by a fallen tree. I think the tree moved. Perhaps that tree was the last good thing there. I literally owe my life to a tree, not many folks can make that claim. I saved a piece of the tree that fell off in hopes to properly honor it. Perhaps if I become sufficiently potent with the divine I can heal it and thank it for its help. At any rate I noted its location on the map, and placed a series of markers to help me find it.

I have decided to learn how to enchant weaponry with divine fire. My hunting partner, and hopefully more, is exited about the prospect of fire enchanted weaponry to prepare for the troll threat the farmers talk of. I want to see those twigs burned in righteous fire before they grow. I want to see the man eating trees fall by fire crafted of my hand. There is at least one of them out there in the forests, and we need to end it vile existence. Two inhuman beings are now on our most wanted list alongside a human bandit. I should start inquiring about a diviner.



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