King of the Stolen Lands

Adventure Log – Session 10: I will never understand dwarves

There has been an unseasonable amount of rain that lead to record flooding. The farmers guild procured several scrolls of dominate weather, and in an attempt to bolster the crop yield summoned more rain that was warranted. I will suggest that we hire a mage to handle such things in the future.

In the torrential downpour and the resulting cacophony the town guard was overworked to begin with. Then we had two murders: that of a shepherd boy and that of a barmaid. The only witnesses to the vicious killings were the washed tracks and the sheep.

The tracks were quite peculiar. They could have been from the worg we have a bounty on, a mad druid, or a werewolf. I head out to collect the shepherd boy’s sheep, and sent word to a local druid that his animal speaking services will be required. Unfortunately for the plan, but fortunately for the town, the werewolf surfaced.

There was a long and exhausting battle consisting of a chase though town. We managed to down the werewolf in an oddly built cistern, built and hidden in a unremarkable alleyway. I will never understand dwarves.


So uhhh what don’t you understand about us? I mean, you wrote twice here that you don’t understand dwarves, but you know Kurgar reads this journal of yours because yeh wrote back to him before. Yeh could always ask us about something yeh don’t understand, I mean willfull ignorance just ain’t right.


Man, the way Adra told me about the werewolf I thought it were a big deal. Glad your not making a big deal over the fight, and glad my craftsmanship worked out for you. I’ll do some more work next month.


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