King of the Stolen Lands

Adventure Log – Session 12: I’ll get off her lawn

We counted the pirate plunder, and added it to the coffers. The largest prize was a Longship, likely valued at 1o,ooo gold coins. We christened her Balinor’s Helm. I dug deep and gave of myself and asked Balinor for a favor. He was pleased and granted the ship the miracle of hunting. Now the crew can fish for 10 minutes, and catch enough fish to feed its occupants for a day. We hired a small crew of a half-elf captain and five gnome crewmen. I would think we have a small start of a navy.

We traveled to a witches homestead and parlayed with her over tea. She seems to have a giant scarecrow golem watching over her land. I gave her some fish, and she gave us information on the surrounding area. It should be useful having an old-lady witch as a friend. No doubt she is up on the gossip of the neighborhood.

I think I have cracked the a few of the secrets of enchanting arms and armor. I will need to pick up more supplies, and for that I require much more gold. However, soon I can see that everyone is armed with a flame weapon to battle the wicked wooden spawn. Aibreann is rather exited at the prospects of a trollslaying weapon.



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