King of the Stolen Lands

Adventure Log – Session 14: Balanor’s Helm, a crew, and a priest sail into a lake

I took the day to take Balanor’s Helm and crew looking for my lost, exquisitely crafted, cold iron sword. I hope to have it enchanted with a flame blade when I have the skill and coin to do so. I prayed over the lakes local where I thought it lost, saw it in my minds eye, polymorphed into a beaver and retrieved the blade without hesitation.

The unit explored the area to the south, and came upon a group of gnomes on a mapping expedition firmly mired in the sandbanks of a river. We aided them in freeing there wagon. We bargained 4,ooo gold of the settlements surplus supplies for there professionally done, in an artsy fashion, cartography work.

I was against this notion at first. However they pointed out several areas that require immediate pacification. Part of me wonders if they would have told us about these areas of need without making a deal. These gnomes warrant scrutiny.



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