King of the Stolen Lands

Adventure Log – Session 2: Forgs bring bad news

This expedition proves to be interesting.

First, we encountered a temple of Balinor inhabited by a bear cursed by sickly green crystals. I attempted to subdue it though non-lethal force, and failed. I prayed to Balinor and received his wisdom to cut the blight from the land. My compatriots laid the beast low, and I healed their grievous wounds.

Second, against the advice of the rest of the party I went off to have a drink with the fey who inhabit a nearby forest. I am attempting to follow the advice of grandfather, and have adventures worthy of sharing around the hearth when I am old and gray. It was exiting and new! They took my bottle of spirits and gifted me a magical messenger bird skeleton that grows flesh, listens to a message, and delivers it within to domain of the local fey lord.

Third, the scarred dwarf seems annoyed by the tradition of hunting and gathering provisions in the field. He attempted to toss me into a spring containing several delectable looking giant frogs. I maneuvered away from him, and contemplated hitting him with a sling stone.

Lastly, I received a message the my families estate was burned during a conflict between nearby factions vying for power. I wonder if this is true, or if this is an attack by the undead. I sent word to the Cisarovna strongholds asking for insight. Perhaps I should request the aid of my unit to look into things further.


Ding! 100 XP and 1 Hero Point.


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