King of the Stolen Lands

Adventure Log – Session 6: Civil War

We finished the exploration of the lands under our charter and related cartography work. The Sword Lord inspector came to determine whether or not we were successful in removing the banditry pestilence affecting the area. His inquiries were answered in a satisfactory manor.

My father was slain in a recent skirmish. My mother wants to wash her hands clean of the matter, while my brother vows revenge. My mother seems to be handling the news in her own way, and I have a need to support her. Perhaps I can convince my brother of this.

The unit and I were summoned before the Council of the Sword Lords. We were each in tern granted awards according to kind. I was presented with a medal of valor, and a knighthood. I was named the next Scion of my house.

We were given the means necessary to build a settlement in the lands we charted. It would seem that men, many young, are eager to give the frontier life a go. I find it peculiar that a great many ladies of the evening are planning on settling the area arounf the Fortified Abby of Serenity.

It will be interesting to build a settlement.



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