King of the Stolen Lands

An Introduction Of Sorts

Booze, Women, and a Dwarf

I awake suddenly to a rapping at my door. I open my eyes, reeling from last nights bout of fun, I try to catch up with what was going on. “Sir Fellstorm,Sir Fellstorm, this is Argyle” said the innkeeper. The young red headed woman who had her head resting on my chest looks up at me and says “What the hell is his problem, waking us up this early?” I peel her off of me and stumble my way to the door. “I have no idea lass but we shall find out” I reply back as I open the door.
Argyle the innkeeper was a short, black-haired impish fellow who seemed more irritated than usual. “There is a courier down da stairs who has a letter for you. Da basterd refuses to just leave it and is complaining he needs to see you”. I turn away from the door and begin to put on some clothes that is more presentable in public. “Well tell him to hold on, I will be right down.” “Oh and you dear, you just go back to bed, you had a long night“ I reassuringly tell the red headed woman in my bed. She just smiles, shrugs and turns over in the bed to resume her rest.
I make my way down the stairs and immediately noticed the courier. It was not him that stood out, it was the envelope he held, as it bore the crest of House Garress . “So your Sir Cedric Fellstorm I presume?” the courier eyed suspiciously at me. “Aye that be me” as I held out my hand towards him. He passed me the envelope, which inside held two letters. The first of which was a letter from my father saying that I needed to represent the family and the House in a most important task. “I was told to hand this to you, directly to you, and nobody else. Now you excuse me, I have to make my way back and leave” the courier said to me as reading over the second letter to which, sent me into a sudden urgency.
“Wait, your caravan. Does its route now go west? To Brindol perhaps?” I quickly say as the courier made his way to the door.
“Not directly to Brindol no but we are heading in the direction. Why?” he says back in a slight confusion. “I need to make haste this moment. Give me time to get ready and I will give you coin. I am in the need for travel. Please” I say with urgency to the courier while rereading the second letter. “Hmmph….fine. You have twenty minutes. Meet me outside the inn with your coin and make way westward.”
I hurry up the stairs, gathering my belongings into my trunk and begin to put on my gear. I turn the woman in bed over to kiss her on the head. “Sorry for the sudden goodbyes but this is urgent”. “So you always show a girl a good time and just leave in a hurry?” she said with a smile as she began to sit up in bed. “I usually don’t no. Though this…this is something I cannot ignore.” Family needs me. Could I actually be dreaming?

I left Ghalt in a hurry and after the courier, I took a few more carriages and caravans to finally end up in Brindol in the early morning. I finally reach the bustling city, which is a huge focal trading point. Everything and everyone has to come through Brindol at some point so making my way here was rather easy. After a small journey through the city, I have the caravan finally drop me off at a a luxurious, large house. One of my family’s many houses spread throughout that is. “Are you sure this is your house lad?” the caravan driver slurs at me. “Of course this is mine. I am a Fellstorm, these are family grounds” “Haha right uhuh, you a Fellstorm” the caravan driver barks. “If your a Fellstorm, then I mus be a Khyber Dragon” he then added. The caravan driver cracked the whip on the horses and rides off, with his mocking laugh still carrying in the distance. I really couldn’t be upset with his assessment. I traveled with such urgency, that I have been moving nonstop for days, not really having proper time to clean up anywhere at all.
I show up at the front of the grounds, greeted by the guards who thankfully remembered me. I made my way to the door only to be greeted by a very rude new house servent. She refused to let me in, for she did not know of me and said that I must have stole the armor that bore my family coat of arms which was in my trunk. I finally got the guards on my side to which she finally let me in. Upon finding out who I was said to be, her face flushed red with humiliation and she apologized nonstop. “Now if I was someone else, you think the guards would have let me pass?” I said with a slight agitated tone.
“Now if I saw a suspicious looking rapscallion like you at my door step, I would immediately think the same thing” said my young sister, walking down the front foyer stairs. “I mean the man before me cannot be my brother. I mean he never comes around to visit family at all” she says with a sly smile. “Now dear sister do you wish to insult me further or will you greet me” as I held out open arms towards her. She glided down the stairs, her dusty brown hair flowing behind her adding to the image of her hastily coming to hug me. My sister Thessie, number five of the seven Fellstorm children, squeezed me and cheered upon greeting me. “Brother it has been ages” she said happily. She backed away from me quickly and waved her hand in front of her face with a slight revolted expression. “Cedric, you reek of booze.” “I came as quickly as I could. I did not have time to cleanse myself. Besides there is nothing to do on a caravan but drink. Well….one of a few things anyways” I reply back with a hint of shame. “Which brings me to the second odor. You also smell of whores” as she shakes her head. “So you are quite familiar with that scent then?” I chuckle back.
She quickly hit me to the side the head in a playful manner while beginning to chuckle herself. “Seriously brother, how much penance do you pay to her divine host for your lewd, lustful actions”. “Oh I doubt she cares not for that. Besides I do many a good things so I think I am allowed the simple pleasures of flesh” I retort. “Also do not call those women whores. Just because they so easily lied down with me does not also mean that they easily lay down with others. Plus I believe I have made women firm believers in Dol Arrah. So, I assume I recruited her some faithful believers.” Thessie eyes me with a bemused look “You assume? What do you mean? You convinced them of Dol Arrah and her blessings?” “The only thing they would say at night with me was “”OH GOD YES!”” so I can only assume they were speaking of her hahahahaha” I roared. I began to keel over laughing, slapping my thigh, to which my sister hung her head, blushed, and tried to restrain her own laughter. After a good while, we calmed down with her still shaking her head at me. “
“You hound…” Thessie finally said. “Yes, sister, I sorely missed our banter” as I walked over to my trunk of belongings. “As did I brother, as did I.”

I had a bath made for me to quickly erode the stench of nonstop travel and finally cleaned up to look like a proper noble. My sister and I discussed the details of the letters extensively over lunch. I usually did not attend many family functions, unless it was my dad’s birthday. Otherwise I would only come in to visit if I was nearby. An edict was given to me to represent my family line and House but to also carry out an important quest for the kingdom. Fortunately I made it in time and would have a whole nights rest before I can present myself to the Sword Lords and meet the others who were had the same quest laid upon them. I caught up with my sister on events that transpired the past year and finally later that night, got a good nights sleep.
The next day, I had my armor polished and cleaned, my shield as well. The sword, especially my sword I made sure nobody touched, as I tended to that myself. While finishing up my cleaning detail I heard an argument down stairs. I heard the house servant being rude yet again to someone at the door. I made my way down the stairs steadily to hear the angry gruff tone pleading he was a family friend. While over hearing the argument I couldn’t help but notice how familiar the second voice was. The person’s accent gradually kept changing throughout the whole conversation, it was then it finally hit me. I know that funny speech problem from anywhere!
I tell the house servant to quickly let him in to which she turned to me in disbelief. “Again, if the guards let him through….that must mean he made clearance.” She put her head down, let the man in , closed the door, apologized thoroughly and left in a hurry. In stepped a dwarf who was four and a half feet tall, red matted hair on the top, braided hair in the back and slight blond highlights showing throughout.
“Damn help seems to be getting dumber and dumber” he grumbled as he stepped in. “Stoney dear friend!” as I made my way towards him.
I went over to hug him and pick him up, expressing how jubilant I was to see my old friend. “All right, all right, put meh down! Enough of the touchy stuff” he said with a cheery smile. “Jeez boy, been some time. You filled out” as he eyed me up and down. “Yes I did, And you remained just as short. How come you didn’t listen to your own advice of what you gave me. About alcohol stunting your growth” I reply with a slight grin. “Ha ha, really funny…ya ass” he shot back dryly. I then noticed something off about his appearance. I see his hands and arms are now completely scarred, horribly might I add. “Stone…what tragedy brought about….this” I remarked while getting a closer inspection at his scarred arms. “Bah, I rather not get into that story about now. Maybe later over a few drinks after we attend to this here meeting with the Sword Lords” he replied.
“Wait, your not here on personal matters? You are meeting with the Sword Lords as well?” I said.
“Well duh, apparently. Didn’t I just say so? I mean I thought you knew. I got the edict and I saw on there list with your name scribbled next to mine. It’s why I am here.” The letters I have received did not give me any names, it was merely a note by father and the Sword Lords, both instructing me to move promptly. Seemed strange to me in that moment. A friend, who I have not seen in years, gets called into service on the same quest as I? This seemed to be an act of fate to be sure, to complete a most superlative task.
I stayed a bit held back into my thoughts until Stonehands finally began to speak up again. “Either your having another one of your epiphanies or a major brain fart. Come on, lets not dawdle. We got folk that need be be catching up with.” I snap out of the sudden thought. “Right, right, well let me get suited up and we shall go.” I am now most curious who else has been set up on this undertaking with me. Most….interesting.



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