King of the Stolen Lands

Fate Is A Funny Thing

Fate Is A Funny Thing

     So here I am sitting in my room all alone, tending to my aching hands and contemplating my future. Tomorrow I would set out back into the Greenbelt with my fellow compatriots and establish a new kingdom. A kingdom in which, I was apparently given the right/privilege/burden to rule. Ha, to think. Me as a ruler of a nation? Sir Baron Cedric Fellstorm. Even I think that sounds funny. This is something beyond me, though it still goes along with what I wanted to originally do out in the River Lands.

     A few days ago our group came into Brindol to report in to the Sword Lords regarding our finished task in the Greenbelt. It was nice to be back into a bustling city and not mucking about in the wilderness. Don’t get me wrong, adventuring and traveling about to other lands is fun, though nothing beats what a city can offer. Upon entering Adra broke away from the group with Boris riding after her screaming something inaudible. Kurgar, still sickly from the unicorn meat, went away to an inn to go lay back down. Me and Stoney headed to my family’s estate to say hello.

     It was lovely to return back to the estate, sans the annoying new maid that keeps trying to stop us from coming in. Seriously I must have a chat with mother about this woman. She is touched in the head or something. Besides that minor annoyance, it was great. Me and Stoney were greeted by almost my whole family, (Father, Quincy, Sture and Thessie not present). Stoney was engulfed by my uncle Gafgarion, cousin Armont, and my brother Reamus in a mini brawl as my Mother and sister Tira came and hugged me. After joining in the light melee event and catching up, I asked that me and Stoney go and enjoy a night out on the city.

     Me and him set out to find the most wild and raucous bar, The Broken Stilt and decided to enjoy ourselves in ale and whatever female variety were to visit said establishment. Call me reckless but after recent events, I just wanted to unwind. Most of the night was a blur though for the most part. Well take that back, I do remember having three women on my arm and telling Stone he could pick one. I understand that technically he is still married..or was? I never asked if exiles are automatically divorced. Touchy subject. Anyways he is in a situation in which female companionship would help him.

     After our enthralling night, Stoney, my family and I set out to the meeting with the Sword Lords. Boris and Adra arrived together with Boris looking as cheerful as ever. Adra however looked just as tired and upset as she usually did. I overheard Boris mention something to Adra about being thankful for staying the night and that his mother seemed to like her. What in The Host is going on? Perhaps Adra being hateful towards Boris all that time was sort of a juvenile way of expressing her like for him? No…that cannot be it. Kurgar we did not see at all, most likely still writhing in agony due to that unicorn meat.

     After what seemed to be well over an hour in the chamber of the Sword Lords, my house mate Hasted Garress gave a grand opening speech and acted on behalf of the Sword Lords. We were congratulated on our accomplishments and one by one we were to be rewarded. Now here is the thing that baffled me. Stonehands, Adra and Boris payment if you will made sense. Kurgar’s made ever more sense. Stonehands and Boris given titles, Adra now made a citizen and Kurgar given a heavy lump sum of money (which I said I would hold on to for him). What I was given floored me and I am sure everyone else in the chamber.

     They said to me that I was to be given the title of Baron Fellstorm, the rights to take land out in the Greenbelt and to rule over said land. On top of that they also said they would give us a stipend to start up this new nation. It seems they want to have someone settle out in the riverlands and be a buffer between them and there. I am sure a stupid, nervous smile came over my face in that moment, especially with my family cheering and clapping for me. Boris patted me on the shoulder, Stone mockingly bowed to me. Though Adra just stared in confusion with her jaw dropped in awe. What I would give to read thoughts about now.

     After the whole event I made my way towards my family in which they all embraced me gleefully. My mother looked so happy and said that my father would be so proud. She did like-wise to Stoney as he was beaming up at me. He joked how much fun it could be to introduce me as Baron Fellstorm to everyone now. My family all together cheered me on as Boris came up to the whole group to pay compliments. Half of my family suddenly went dead quiet, weary of what he might do (still tense due to the prior skirmishes). Boris gave me praise that I was to be a leader and offered his services. Though the way he put it, he made it seem forced that a son of a Sword Lord seemed like a necessity. I am sure there could be a place for him, why not?

     I saw Adra at the end of the chamber with a gentleman who was wearing a silver flame pendent, having a heated conversation. Though their voice wasn’t loud, the tone of the man’s voice and Adra’s face was enough to tell the subject at hand was unpleasant. As my uncle was giving out an announcement that a celebration was to take place at our estate, Adra came up to me after he short debate with the other man. She told me, begrudgingly it seemed, that we needed to talk soon but not today, as she apparently needed to clear her head. I did tell her she was fine to stay with my family for the duration of her stay but shook her head repeatedly at the invitation. She then hastily made her way to Boris and his mother. Huh she doesn’t want to hang out with me and my family but will go with Boris? I will never understand the woman.

     The whole night of the party was incredible to say the least. Nobles visited our grounds as my family played great hosts and gave tribute to me. It was all overly flattering and somewhat embarrassing to say the least. I had to mostly chuckle it off although after a few glasses of wine the feeling of humiliation crept away and I began to fancy the added attention at the party. The only downside is that I was also instructed to be on my “best behavior” because of the current company at the party. As the night came to a close, I was sitting in my room looking at the set of armor that I came back with. Though as fine as the Balinor full plate was, it somehow did not feel like it was suited for me. I talked with mother and the rest of the family and they agreed that it would seem better to have something that was more “me” though still of great quality.

     Mother said she would get a nice new armor set that was more fitting of me and I agreed while saying I would like my current armor to go an ardent follow of The Hunt. I do not want to pawn off such a prize for gain so best thing would be to make sure it goes so someone who would appreciate it on more of a spiritual level. Upon hearing of new armor being made, Stoney immediately began to walk and talk with my mother about possible designs and ideas. When I was finally alone I had time to collect my thoughts, sat in my chair, grasped Darius in my hands and asked for his honest assessment events to come.

     At first all I heard was laughing then finally he said I would be a shitty king. Then after a bit more laughing he stopped and said that it was all in jest. He thought my heart would be in the right place for the task but questioned if my head would be. That I did my job as a protector, as a guardian very well. Though as a leader, he did not know. I was never a leader. That I was more or less a lone wolf. I could not disagree with him on that remark, for it was true. He went on to say that as long as I surrounded myself with those I could trust, those that are skilled at specific jobs fit for them, and loyal, that I would be fine. He said if there was a defining trait that would help me is that I have the ability to to get people to like me and see my side of things. It was one of the big reasons we became close friends. I thanked him for his words and lamented that he was not here to help me. Then the same old Darius spoke up and told me “Don’t be a mopey bitch. Plus I am always here, by your side brother”. I put Darius back in his scabbard, rested him gently against the side of the bed and awaited the next day. I would have much to discuss and plan if I were to establish a prosperous kingdom. Truth be told, the thought of all that responsibility..scares me.



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