King of the Stolen Lands

Miron: Year One

Miron: Year One.

Today festivities were held. We held a celebration earlier because it is the anniversary of this small nation. Families from the north such as mine and Boris’s came down as did a number of other nobles to take part in our activities. My mother, gods bless her came down with a gift to which she described “Fitting of a king”. After a year of ruling along with my friends and allies, I was bestowed a ruler’s crown. Putting the crown on at the ending ceremony was a bit embarrassing but looking out at the citizens in the crowd made me it go away. Looking at all of them gave me pride. The Kingdom of Miron was growing with success and it’s people played a heavy part in that. My first year as a ruler I’ll admit had some rough patches but I think, it will only get better from here. After all, it seemed we started off just fine.

A year ago our party came back to the Greenbelt and set out to establish rule in this unruly land. To unite the lost, inspire the hopeless, help the weak, and punish the dastardly. Getting everything set up sounded easy enough. Well some of it was easy. Talks were for the most part fine. I was extremely fortunate to get Oleg on board as our kingdom treasurer. I felt he would be decent at it on the account he handled a business, so he was used to handling money and setting a budget. Though during the discussions at his post seeing all the degrees of economics he acquired in Rhest, I definitely picked the right man for the job. His wife Svetlana also joined our crew as the Councilor for she understood the people out here better than I and could speak with me about any of their plights.

I talked about the kobolds in the area close by might now like someone encroaching on their territory and only wanted to establish an alignment. I spoke with the Sootscale leader about having the kobolds unified with the kingdom as citizens. He seemed intrigued but was still jaded by past attempts with similar arrangements that never ended up working well. Thankfully Adra was able to communicate with them in the old draconic language to better establish a line of understanding. The chief would only accept if one of his own could serve a position of the kingdom. After meeting with a few of their own, we met Zat who seemed to be a bit of a hero amongst them. He seemed (for a kobold) astute enough to know what he was good at and as such was placed as our Marshall, to survey the outer lands and keep order. Much to Boris’s dismay who kept saying the position was rightfully his because of the connection to his god and nature. The others silently agreed that the thought of Boris running around unchecked dolling out “order” felt uneasy.

I only needed a brief chat with Kurgar about executioner which he said as long as he got paid, he did not mind. Kesten and Akiros already swore allegiance to me and such became my General and Warden respectfully. J’Hod liked the idea of handling the spiritual matters of our kingdom and knew the populous sought faith in The Host, as he took on the roll of High Priest. After much debate amongst others about what to do with Boris, we thought it would be best to appease him with Diplomat. He was the son of a Sword Lord, to whom were helping us. Plus he would only be talking with his mother. It felt like the best possible outcome with the least room for error.

I had a chat with Stoney and Adra on what to name our kingdom and city. It did not take long really to come up with something everyone to like. The nation would be named Miron, after the great hero Tira Miron. Adra pleasantly accepted it and thought it was suitable. I liked it was something that everyone can get behind, a heroic martyr. Our first initial city in which we would built was to be named Halcyon. Something that carried the definition of peace and success. Only a week after everything was settled on who was to handle what, workers, people seeking a new life, others wanting opportunity and Brindol supply carts came to us at Fort Serenity.

I will admit the year was a bit touch and go. Writing down laws, finding which settlements to be built first, getting used to actually being the one in charge One thing that came up early in talks of our laws was subject of prostitution. Me and Stone felt strongly what anyone does with their body is their own right, though if it were to happen, it needs to be kept in check. It would cut down the crime rate, could be taxed and could set it up to make it healthy. So as such One-Eyed Jack, a brothel was erected (hehe) rather quickly. I will admit it was probably not the best thing to build off the bat but Stoney had the finest and sturdiest built brothel I ever seen. People initially were upset. Though when their “employees” settled in, the unrest went quickly as it came (hehe).

During the year a number of events unfolded. After craftsmen and blacksmith shops were built, Kurgar had a fearsome black axe built for his job. Suitably, we changed his title to be our Black Axe. Adra seemed to settle into her role rather well I would assume for I rarely heard her complain. Stonehands was doing a stunning job with city planning and I entrusted every detail for him to handle. Speaking of which a fine brewery was made. Upon hearing he would be seeing it, I sent out a word to the Hammerfist Hold’s to their rulers and his family. Wanting a community tie with The Holds, Stone’s son Mugs came down to run the brewery. It was fantastic to have more family here.

Farms were built up in the surrounding lands. The gold and silver mines nearby were set up to be harvested. An odd thing happened during the year. The kobolds around seemed to be wearing silver flame amulets. Now I think about it, half the time I have seen Adra, she was being followed by two other kobolds…huh. One point an ambitious sounding man by the name of Loy Rezbin came to us saying how much potential the old Tatzlel Ford held for a trade town and went out with others to set up the location. After noticing Adra’s connection with the kobolds and finding out her b-day (through connections up north), me and Stone had a nice present set up for her. The present was a monument was her holding hands with children and kobolds with the saying “Through unity, our goals our met”. For some reason she seemed rather upset. I don’t know why, the statue does more than do her justice.

We eventually started to set up a second town up near Oleg’s trade post, which was called Leveton. Though two unfortunate things happened during the building of the town. The first thing was gypsies moving into a section which we dubbed “Chull’s Hallow”. They could be a potential problem going forward. Though the second thing was terrible. On her way from Halcyon to Leveton our sweet Svetlana was ambushed on the road out. Some unsavory men made an attempt on her life. Fortunately though our kobold legion, Zat’s men, saved her just in time. First instance of a leader getting attacked but also good to know that there are our own surveying the lands.

Most of my ruling though came through with just giving approvals. Handling whatever squabbles would arise. During the whole time all I wanted to do was wander out and go adventuring. From everything that was happening though, it wasn’t needed. Besides the occasional whispers of Falgrim Sneed setting up a pirate gang somewhere, there was not much to survey in our immediate area at the time. Our Inquisitor, Warden, Marshall, Black Axe, and General did a fantastic job of keeping the peace, so not much was to be done.

Though it has been a year now. I sit here in my room reading through the paperwork my cabinet has submitted to me and grow tired from being shut in. Women and wine are good for keeping me entertained but I do miss getting my hands dirty. Hmm…there are bounty claims in this paperwork that Adra and Keston submitted. Well this sounds like a good as a time as any to go back out and check on these things.



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