King of the Stolen Lands

Personal Memo -- S. Anitah (For Report 2)

A bad day of fishing is always better than a good day at work

Personal Memo

Rhaan, 818

My charge by the Lord Surtova was to act as an emissary to the Council of Miron and learn about the state of their growing nation. I’ve determined that the active nature of the Council requires that I accompany them on their travels to best achieve my mission. However, it is not my intent to sacrifice sacrifice my life on tangential quests. After a rather unpleasant encounter with a remote lake-island, I left the Council to their own devices and returned to Balinor’s Helm with the Lions in tow.

I found the next day and a half to be far more enjoyable. In fact this was probably one of my more memorable days. I had a an excellent day sailing the lake with the Captain of Balinor’s Helm and the gnome crew learning a bit of sailing and the gnomish tongue. The lake was plentiful with fish and a generally enjoyable view. It was really spectacular. During our travels we met with a group of local traders and exchanged goods (The people of Miron seem to be a great deal more grounded than the members of the council). We even stumbled upon a satellite island overrun with delicious exotic berries and a truly relaxing atmosphere. It was certainly a day of days.

Notes for the report to Lord Surtova:

  • It appears that Lion Eloise has contracted some sort of mind affliction. Though the affliction’s nature remains a mystery to me. I intend to consult with Lady Adra after we land in Halcyon.
  • The Council attempted to cure a werewolf using some plant they collected on that awful island, I question the wisdom of such an action.
  • Ambassador Boris remains a point of suspicion and contention with me. He appears to dabble in the art of necromancy which I find more than a little disconcerting.



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