King of the Stolen Lands

Session 1: Into the stolen lands – 11/12/2011

Mabel McCurren

[Session 1: Into the stolen lands – 11/12/2011]

24th day of Therendor

I have been hired by Lord Brindol the Regent of the Dragondscale in order to explore, map, and pacify banditry in the wilderness region of the Stolen Lands known as The Greenbelt.

My fellow explorers consist of a Darkesh (some form of silk wearing elf) ranger by the name of Kalanvrae D’Arzanath, a half-orc druid by the name of Ghazog, a dwarf mercenary by the name of Kurgar Mourngrim, and a gnome sorcerer noble by the name of Nephwick.

I remember my parents working closely with some form of elves in my childhood. Darkesh, of all things, reminds me of my cudgel, and dagger of elven make, and magic – mysterious, and deadly.

Similarly I remember tails of my parents battling a scourge of an orc tribe while aligned to an elven tribe of some sort. The half-orc does not quite sit right with me. I can feel the anger flow from the elevn weapons while in Ghazog’s presence. I must endeavor to keep my feelings, and that of the weapons separate, and make note that Ghazog is not an enemy of my family.

Kurgar will be quite useful, he is heavily armed, heavily armored, and obnoxiously loud. I am sure the attention of territorial wildlife, and bandits will be focused on this fellow well before noticing me.

Nephwick is . . . special. He thinks everyone he meets is one of his subjects. Kurgar has convinced Nephwick that he is in his employ, and has started collecting salary. I am hesitant to follow suit in case the sorcerer manages to overcome his delusions, and in a moment of clarity entrances me into thinking I am a cricket.

##Insert Date###

We met Oleg, and Svetlana Leveton, presented our charter, and began hunting bandits forth width. We set a trap in the center of the small trading post during the early hours when the morning mist is prevalent, and the lighting soft. Kurgar began the battle, and is a skilled armsman. Ghazog ambushed the men on their horses. Ghazog’s badger companion is quite terrifying, and did more harm to the bandits than one would think possible. Darkesh ambushed the laeader, rushing from the barn, and did battle. Nephwick ambushed a group of mounted bandits, but was quickly struck down. I spend most of the fray bestowing divine luck on others, and healing. I was able to get in a particularly well placed sling stone though the use of a well timed truestrike spell.

We took a prisoner, interrogated him, equipped a stout wagon, and as spoils of war were the proud owners of a half-dozen fine riding horses.

##Insert Date##

The party split up. Darkesh, and I skulked along a path near where the bandits were said to be. We were ambushed. Knowing I had healing spells Darkesh bravely drew there fire as I mad a dash to warn the party. We were able to regroup, and bring force to bear.

Once again Ghazog’s badger tore into the opposition with a ferocity equaled to none. I am beginning to wounder if the badger is possessed by some nefarious specter of bloodlust.

The party opened with ranged attacks on the bandits while Ghazog’s bewitched the forest to twist its foliage upon the thieving brigands very feet, thus entwining them in place. Nephwick ensorcelled them to sleep with a enchanting lullaby. We were doing quite well till their leader nearly slew three of the band. I feel as if I should have quaffed the potion of sharkhood, and did an end to her while we wrestled in the river bank. Darkesh chased two of the bandits into the forest, and reclaimed stolen treasures to fill the bands coffers.

This is turning out to be quite the adventure.


Great work, Rich. Thanks!

Oh, and…
You gain 100 XP and 1 Hero Point.


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