King of the Stolen Lands

Session 1 (Reboot): Tapped to cleanse the unclaimed lands with righteous fire!

The Sword Lords of Brindol have tapped me to aid a group of adventurers in taming the river lands. I am sure they seek the experience of my family. I am certain they requested me for the divine healing abilities I can bring to bear, for the frontier is a dangerous place.

I have heard tails of this riverland. Bandits prey on caravans bringing frontier goods to market. Monsters roam the untamed wild. Men and beast alike need to be hunted, and burned with righteous fire. All the same, I would not be surprised to meet a few relatives or acquaintances in the area.

Wildmen, beaver trappers and the like, seem to populate the area. My grandfather would have gotten along with these folks. Perhaps I can learn a ting or two from these frontiersmen. I anticipate finding these blaspheming cultists, and ending their terror on the frontier.

There are tails and bounties on various monsters roaming the wild. I hope by ridding the frontier of these beasts that I can earn my name. I have hopes that they are more impressive prey than the giant rats, giant spiders, or sewer alligators I am often tasked with dealing with.

I was attached to a unit consisting of two humans and a dwarf. It would seem that half the unit belongs to some silver and fire church. I am assuming they hunt werewolves and vampires based on the name. I am uncertain where they lie in the scheme of things, but they seem like decent enough people. I am sure they will aid in the cleansing of this area of the various human and inhuman monstrosities, else they may spill over into the neighboring provinces. Their is also a Paladin of The Sovereign Host in the unit. His healing should prove to be useful if I should fall.

May Balinor guide us to a fruitful hunt, and may our songs be sung in the grand halls of Brindol.



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