King of the Stolen Lands

The Tatzle-Ford and Our Report Back

The Tatzle-Ford and Our Report Back.
     (Author’s Note: Entries from here on out will not be written in novel, chapter form but merely a shorter summary of events. This is because too much time has passed for recollection of what took place and is pretty time consuming. Hope the new format will still be satisfactory.)

     The next day after dealing with the unicorn, our party, sans Kurgar, marched forward into the swampland. Boris during this whole time kept jabbering on how he needed something to hunt so we let him wander off to appease his god’s/his hunt. Just felt bad as Boris left, I caught a glimpse of Panther who looked rather unhappy. Boris had Tuskgutter’s skull attached to the saddle the whole time and seemed to be wearing away and freaking out the poor horse. I wonder how much more the horse would endure.

     After a while traveling, the three of us, (Stone, Adra and I) came to sandy inlets which ran down the river edge and a huge ford. Adra caught of glimpse of what looked to be a log in the water and without hesitation let an arrow fly. Thought it was silly but sure enough moments after a giant Tatzlewyrm came barging out of the river towards us. Luckily there was enough room for us to prepare for the beast. Running out into the open, clanging on my shield to draw it out, we positioned ourselves to bring it down as quick as possible. It worked rather well, Simply baited the monster as Stoney quickly lopped its head off.

     I chuckled as the head rolled forward, still trying to bite me and stopped just inches away from my feet. I thought to myself “This wasn’t so hard, these beasts are not as fearsome as I originally thought”. That notion was put to rest just a second after as I was blindsided by another Tatzlewyrm. It began to squeeze me, snap at me, and the whole time was spewing out toxic fumes from it’s mouth. I did everything I could to wrangle out of its clutches to no avail. Stone and Adra were cautious with their strikes, making sure not to hurt me. I saw as an arrow struck into the beast’s head but it still kept up its assault on me. As a last ditch effort, I managed to turn my blade sideways, using the flat edge, drove the arrow further into it’s skull, finally bringing it down. Ok, clearly the first Tatzlewyrm was the weaker one.

     We stood there gathering ourselves after the fight just marveling at the creatures. Sure enough though, soon as we mention taking the head in for a reward, Boris comes strutting out of the forest. He plopped right down next to the Tatzlewyrm carcass, without hesitation, began skinning it and taking off hunks of its meat. “Sure enough this creature’s meat holds a note worthy texture and a wonderful taste” he said to us as he took it apart. Eating these things did not seem appealing at all, but I was not one to stop Boris from indulging in his unique palate. The rest of us searched amongst the monster’s den seeing if there might be something of note. Stonehands found a jade carving of a nude elf woman, which greatly pleased him. It made me chuckle to see him marveling at the thing. It’s like he never seen a nude elf woman before. Adra was happy to find a map on a dead body buried in the den, which helped detail our area more so.

     As I sifted through, I found what looked to be like a nice cold iron longsword. Not as nice as Darius but still a fine sword. I spent only a few moments inspecting the blade as Boris came up and swiped it from my hands. “Ah yes, this will do just nice. I needed a better blade. The hunt requires the best of weapons” he said. I seemed taken a bit back by the partial rudeness but quickly let it go. He did not seemed to mean to act rude. Plus, the weapon made him happy, so I shrugged my shoulders and departed on from the ford, heading back out to Fort Serenity.

     The next two days were spent traveling through the muck and grime of the swampland. Adra of course, was greatly displeased by this terrain. Though my short time around this women, I would conclude that she is always upset. During this time I tried to stay quiet, lamenting on my thoughts of my family. With everything happening up north, I wanted to find a way to perhaps settle down here and make a safe haven for those that would want to escape the sure to happen civil war. Stoney was worried about me the entire trip back out into the forest. This was because not once, since leaving the fort, did I indulge myself to a drink. He kept jabbering that things would find a way of sorting out. I did not like anything with the arranged marriage. My sister being married off like a bartering chip. Who knows that if would even cease all hostility. I wanted to be prepared just in case.

     In our travel through, we came about a trapper named Grissom who told tales of the riverlands. Adra rolled her eyes through most of the stories, Stoney and Boris listened intently as I sat in silence hearing other things in my head. Darius kept telling me that staying here was stupid and dangerous. These lands were far to harsh to stay in. If that is true, all the more reason to stay here. Something has to be done here right? People here had to live off the land or take from others. This place can be cruel. We thanked Grissom for letting us stay for the night and ventured back towards the plains. We found our way back easily enough.

     Spending two weeks in the forest made the old bandit encampment, turned Fort Serenity, seem very hospitable. Even so, Adra wanted to leave as soon as she arrived. She rather stay at Oleg’s it appears instead of her fellow adventurers. It was a nice week all in all though at the fort. Well except the fact that Kurgar, who found his way back to the fort, was stricken with violent diarrhea and vomiting. Goes to show him he cant be like Boris and eat strange creatures. I got to spent more time surveying the fort, talked with Akiros about his past and Keston about his future.. Stoney looked over the forge they had in the back and kept himself busy enough in there for better part of the week. He tended to reforging the weapons of Keston Garress and his fellow soldiers. Boris, feeling motivated and wanting to feel productive, declared he knew carpentry. He began first by putting back the banister on the stairwell. Yes the very same banister he and I were struck with by the tall, dumb bandit.

     At the end of the week’s time, Adra finally returned to the fort, with a gentleman beside her. The gentleman was Vethel Garress, an agent sent by the Sword Lords to inspect what happened in these lands. My hopes of connecting with a fellow house member was immediately dashed. Though Vethel was a proper military man, he came off as rude to Keston and seemed to take a snobby tone with me. He did not see the potential the lands held. Remarks where thrown around on how Fellstorms where the loyal guard dogs and thanked my family for settling Garress’s matters. I replied in kind thanking him for acknowledging the importance of my family and that we always take care of their problems. Vethel seemed to smile at the last comment as he noted the hint of snarkiness behind the comment. Talking with nobles, you have to know how to strike the fine balance of being respectful and proper. Can’t outright call this man a tool and douche bag.

     As much as I disliked Vethel’s presence, it was very much needed. After his inspection and questioning he seemed rather pleased with our progress. Saying we were far more successful than the previous group, as he watched Kurgar expel fluids and waste from each end. Note to self, make Topper clean that up. He than said since it seemed we completed our goal, that we return immediately to Brindol to report in on our mission to the Sword Lords. Hearing that we were leaving this place, put a bright smile on Adra’s face. She was already marching out, grinning ear to ear, packing up her horse. We all headed back out to Brindol, awaiting whatever rewards were to come. I told the men at the fort that I would return shortly to help setup something for the lands. I just hope my family wouldn’t condemn me even more for staying far from home. I hope they would understand my reasons. As we rode away, leaving Fort Serenity behind, I thought to myself, “How could I make this work?”.



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