Brindol Brown

A popular Brindol ale.


Brindol Brown is a popular local ale in the river town of Brindol. Brewed locally, the ale is a deep, rich, chestnut color usually topped with a creamy tan head. The primary exceptions are the annual Harvest Ale and the Sprint Ale. Though these are produced in such small quantities as to usually sell out within the week of being tapped.

The local style of brewing tends to favor earthier peat-smoked malt with less bitterness than is found back to the east, though this may be due to hops being a seldom grown crop in these parts. Any bitterness in the local brews comes from the brewers using herbs like mugwort, sweet gale, or heather though even these are seldom used as the dense, sweet ale is in much demand by the dockworkers who are the largest consumers.


Brindol Brown

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