The Black Axe of Halcyon

A decidedly dark looking weapon for a decidedly dark purpose

weapon (melee)

+1 Cold Iron Great Axe, Two-Handed Martial Melee Weapon, 1d12 +1 Damage, x3 Crit, 12 lbs, Slashing


Forged in the early days of the nation of Miron, The Black Axe of Halcyon has come to represent not only brutal and swift justice in the Stolen Lands, but also the office of The Black Axe itself.

With a haft that’s nearly 5 feet long, the Black Axe is significantly heavy in the head, but generates brutal cutting power. In Kurgar’s hands, the axe spins and sings like the cleverest crafted longswords of old.

The Black Axe of Halcyon

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