King of the Stolen Lands

Adra's Journal: Session 12
Session 12: Season of the Witch

Session 12: “Season of the Witch”

From the journal of Adra Kellen:

Barrakas 27th, 818
Fort Serenity

I’ve finally been able to elude Soren. He has been following me ever since returning from the ‘Pirate’s Cove.’ At first it seemed he was just accompanying me on my errands and tasks, but it soon became clear that he was trying to get an understanding of my methods and tactics. While he seems to be friendly, I am cautious to reveal anything else to him. I have yet to truly understand why he’s visiting in the first place.

As for the ‘Pirate’s Cove,’ we finished searching the structures that filled the small cavern and gathered any valuable or useful items we found. In total there were three buildings, if you can call them that. A dilapidated structure served as a sort of barracks or housing for the pirates, while a smaller sturdier structure was used for storage. A kennel was crafted out of odd assortments of lumber. I deduced that while the structures had been here for some time, the scraps of lumber that patched holes or replaced rotten timber were stolen from our own town’s construction sites.

Within those structures we found various supplies that were confiscated and returned to the surface. One of the others sent word up the tunnel to request guardsmen and those of the town’s militia we could trust to assist in this operation.

A quick summary of the items the pirates had stolen or were using for trade:

· Food stuffs, including grain, salted beef, and fruit
· Mushrooms and a sort of fungal substance popular with the scaly-kind
· Bolts of Fabric, most of which reminded me of the clothing the Chull tribe’s women wear.
· Weapons of moderate quality, easily found within the River Kingdoms
· Building supplies, these seemed as though they were being brought here

One of the others had found a small box that contained several dragonshards. Within the collection there were only a single Siberys shard and two Khyber, while the rest were Eberron. These shards are now in my protection as many of the crafters here are not accustomed to using dragonshards in their work. Siberys and Khyber shards are far more rare and dangerous in the wrong hands.

The pirate’s ship itself is a sloop roughly twenty feet long, shallow draft with both sail and slots for oars. I am no expert on sailing or watercraft, so my details here will be scarce. An inventive shutter system completely blocked access to the cave’s entrance by water. It was remarkably hard to operate and left it to the dwarves to figure out.

Once above ground we spent some time locating the rightful owners of any stolen property, while the remainder was sold to local craftsmen and the like. I spoke personally to Akiros and his guards and informed them of what we had found and what precautions will need to be followed now that we have a hidden cove to worry about.

Barrakas 28th, 818
Halcyon, Miron

This morning I started early, as there was quite a bit to do. My first appointment was with the town guard, we discussed the recent catastrophes that had befallen our town and solutions to those problems. A new taskforce was created to deal with our new discovery of the underground sloop launch and the possibility of a more expansive tunnel network under the city. As Stone and Kurgar pointed out, there were several marks that indicated hidden passages within the route from the cove to the sinkhole and from the sinkhole to the fort. I still have not been able to locate these indications myself, dwarven stone senses and all that.

My next stop was at the small makeshift temple in town that Jhod and I use for services. As we don’t have a proper house of worship for any faith, the building serves both our needs. The recent victims of the werewolf were to be given burials later today by Jhod and their respective families, but I wanted to be sure that no ill had come to the bodies. I performed the Flame’s rites of the dead. While Jhod means well, the Host lacks the strength of the Flame. Perhaps he will soon see that.

I spent some time in town gathering intelligence and gauging the morale of the townsfolk. Rumors were abound about a merchant who came to town the other day who slayed a beast that was ravaging the livestock. While others were baffled by the talk of beasts and werewolves as many had not seen it that night. Of course, I received no credit for my actions. While I am content with the public not panicking, it would have been nice to have received some accolades. Though I guess my place remains in the shadows, while the others receive the applause and celebration.

Barrakas 28th, 818
Fort Serenity

By late afternoon I had rejoined the others at the garden out back of the brewery. Cedric shared that he had heard word from the dryad Tiressia. Wolfsbane was growing on the island of Candlemere and that variety was far more potent and capable of breaking the curse on the barbarian we had captive at the fort. Old Poon was within earshot and began to ramble about how there was a curse on the island. He spoke of ghosts and strange sounds and lights coming from the island. The shore was unapproachable and the island itself was forgotten. While the old man had a tendency to exaggerate and embellish I couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy about the prospect of visiting the island.
While Cedric and the others conversed, I decided that we ought to find someone who could deliver us to the island. We just found the sloop, but we were missing a pilot and crew. I asked about at the brewery’s tavern and was pointed in the direction of a half-elf named Lyla Zhalli. Lyla had been navigating the rivers here for some time now and was experienced in all manner of craft. She once sailed the open sea, but had recently come to travel the rivers as the need for good river captains had increased with the surge of settlement south of Rhest. She had fallen between jobs and was eager to take up our position as captain of our ship, the Balinor’s Helm. I didn’t name it. Apparently Boris had never left the cove and had designs on living down there. He renamed the boat and performed a blessing on it as soon as it was emptied of its previous cargo.

After introducing her to Cedric, Stone, and Kurgar I brought her to the ship. I was worried that Boris would scare her off with his eccentricities, but he was busy refurbishing the former pirates’ living quarters. I showed Lyla the ship and told her that we would need it ready by the next morning. It was terribly late notice, but she was still willing. The ship was made ready by the pirates the day before, but it would require some quick maintenance. She still needed to find able crew, but had some leads on some Gnomish sailors who had just arrived in town. I have no doubt she will be a fine captain and pilot of the ship. I only wish we didn’t have to deal with Gnomes.

Rhaan 1st, 818
Northern shore of Candlemere Lake
Late Afternoon

On our first day out on the Balinor’s Helm we’ve explored the entirety of the Tuskwater and have made for the northern shore of Candlemere Lake. There we departed the boat leaving it in the capable hands of Captain Zhalli and her gnomish crew. While we intend to visit the island of Candlemere itself, we decided it would be prudent to explore the regions around the lake. We had heard rumors of a witch’s hut and thought it best to see for ourselves. Captain Zhalli and the crew were given directions to map the shore of Candlemere Lake as we intend to walk the shoreline.

Rhaan 2nd, 818
Balinor’s Helm-Candlemere Lake

While walking through a particularly swampy area some distance from shore we came across the witch that we had heard rumors lived in the area. Stone had spoke to the strigani earlier in our expedition and they warned of a witch. He made some declaration about how he was better informed about the area than I was and I mocked his reputable sources. He called out and a woman’s voice answered. Stone explained he had heard of her through the stories of the strigani, she answered that she disliked the strigani. I was pleased to hear this. We approached her decrepid shack and I noticed that it was covered in arcane runes and glyphs, many holding religious importance. I was puzzled to see several that were in clear opposition of each other. Marks of the river god Hanspur, the Fey, Strigani iconography, and even the Host were depicted. Clearly, the signs were used to keep travelers at bay and scare off the uninitiated.

The witch, herself, was not evil. While I am sure she is corrupted from living out here in the wilds, she didn’t manifest any sickly auras that I expected. She introduced herself as the Beldame. I respectfully declined to enter her cramped abode, which offered little respite from the muggy weather we were experiencing. She made several off-color remarks about my figure while speaking to Cedric, who she believed to be my husband…

On more important topics, she warned of a mad hermit living in the woods not far from here. He wanders with a cat in tow. A barrow exists in the Kamelands which as legend states contains an unquiet dead and a weapon of great power. She also spoke of Candlemere, which she warned was forbidden, as do all that live in the region, yet none speak to why it is so. The Wolfsbane we seek is in fact on the island, but she cautions us that task will not be so trivial. There are things on the island that would see us harm. A great power resides there, resting. The old crone hadn’t given us any clearer a picture of what we would encounter than the townsfolk. She either was holding back from telling us, or she truly did not know.

We returned to the ship which met us near sundown at the shore. The Gnomes had begun to carve into the rails of the ship adding flourishes and adorning it with sailor’s wards. Lyla reported she had taken the ship around the lake and had it charted. Kurgar had remained on the ship and shared designs on how to better fortify the ship and the coastlines.

Adra's Journal: Session 11
Session 11: Pirates Underground

Session 11: “Pirates Underground”

From the journal of Adra Kellen:

Barrakas 27th, 818
Fort Serenity-My Room

After returning to my room last night, rather this morning, I found I could not sit idly as that creature sat so close to my quarters. Cedric, along with Akiros and the town guard, placed the man who was once a ravenous beast into the prison cells in the cellar of the fort. My training and instincts urged me to end the man’s life before the sun’s first light, but I knew that Cedric would have a guard posted at all hours.

Being restless, I joined the various recovery crews that had assembled the night before. It was remarkable how little damage the town had suffered. Only one gnomish tenement had collapsed.

Once daylight finally broke I heard shouts coming from the street that was nearly entirely flooded. I was already on my way to investigate when I was met by Akiros, who shared what the commotion was about. As he spoke we continued to walk towards the street. The middle of the street had collapsed revealing a passage of worked stone beneath. It appeared to lead toward the fort and away from the city. This passage clearly predated the town. I made sure that Akiros had placed men to guard the sinkhole. I am not looking forward to dropping into a tunnel filled with muddy water and who knows what else, but if this passage leads anywhere it needs to be explored.

I returned to the fort to change clothing the umpteenth time and found the others. Cedric was meeting with an ambassador from the king of Rhestilor, Soren Anitah. He was dressed in the fashion of the Brindol aristocrats, but wore chainmail and carried a more weathered look than a bureaucrat. Why was the king suddenly interested in our little kingdom?

As for Soren Anitah, he seems genuine. Though, an operative of the crown has that ability to be friendly and non-threatening while rooting out whatever he may be looking for. I’ll need to keep an eye on him as long as he remains in town.

Cedric dismissed Soren and had a footman show him and his entourage to a home that they could use for their stay.

Cedric wished to speak to me in private before continuing other affairs of the morning. Jhod had informed him that lycanthropy could be cured by a few spiritual leaders within the Sovereign Host or by the application of Wolfsbane. This treatment needed to be administered within three days of infection. While I knew there were rumors of cures to the curse, I was not interested. The man was a murderer and nearly had torn me to pieces the night before. I shared that I was skeptical of the cure and reaffirmed that he was still guilty of the deaths of innocents and the attempt on my life. Cedric insisted we speak to the man and give him a trial.

We spoke with the formerly vicious creature that now appeared as a giant of a man. Cedric did the talking, as I was unable to bring myself to parlay with the creature that nearly ended my life. The man, Kundar, was one of the barbarian tribes from across the bay. His tribe was recently attacked by a rival, the Cat’s Eye Tribe. When Cedric spoke of a trial, Kundar immediately agreed to a trial by combat. Cedric explained that it would be a trial from our lands and the man lost interest. Finally, Cedric offered another trial. The Wolfsbane. As it is a powerful poison, the man would be at the mercy of his own constitution. Cedric offered that if he were to survive he would be put to work rebuilding the town and serving out a sentence of labor for his crimes. The man agreed.

I, however, do not agree. While the case for redemption is valid, the man is a werewolf. Even if the poison cures him, he still murdered those people. What about his past? He clearly wanted to fight Cedric in some sort of honor duel, how does someone from a lawless land fit into our society?

Barrakas 27th, 818
Pirate’s Cove
Late afternoon

It’s actually quite disconcerting that this cove and these activities had existed all this time without ever knowing about it. The others are currently taking inventory of the supplies these pirates had on their ship and within the dilapidated buildings in the cove.

Let me back up and explain how we got here. Shortly after speaking to the werewolf Kundar, Cedric and I planned to investigate the hole that revealed a stone passageway under the streets of the town. We had just arrived at the collapsed road as Boris clambers out and greets us with news of what he’s found. Pirates, he said. I didn’t believe him. The evidence now clearly supports this. I had no time for Boris’ games. I took a seat, I was far too tired to take anything more from Boris or the others today. The agent Soren arrived with his escort and Cedric asked if he would like to join us in exploring the tunnel and the chance to fight pirates. I couldn’t imagine how Soren saw us. I’m sure he is writing a detailed report about how insane we all are for the king.

We entered the tunnels and found that they extended toward the fort and toward the coast of the Tuskwater just outside the city. The others talked about various carnal activities and didn’t seem to take the endeavor seriously. I tired of their talk and started to slow my pace so that I was a good distance behind them.

They announced they had reached the opening of a cavern and Boris shouted about how it was where the pirates were. The sound of dogs barking and growling followed by feint shouts answered Boris before any of us could. I hurried my pace to the cave’s entrance and found the others in melee. Two dogs had lunged at Stone and were attached to him, tearing at his armor and clothing. The others began to make their way deeper into the cavern by way of stairs set into the wall of the cave. Stone dispatched the dogs with the help of a few of my arrows. I was perched at the entrance looking down and saw that the cavern was indeed populated by men who looked like river pirates. One group was readying a ship, while another was set to defend their base of operations. Cedric quickly found himself surrounded and was nearly impaled if it weren’t for a shout of warning. He blocked a blade traveling to his throat as Soren entered the fray. Boris managed to cast his blinding spell at one of the crew readying the ship and quickly found himself overboard. I fired several arrows at the rigging, intending to slow their preparations. I managed to hit something that caused the sail to come unfurled. Boris continued to make it difficult for the ship’s crew as he cast an obscuring mist that ruined any shot I would take, but forced the crew to slow their actions. The melee had ended and between Cedric, Soren, and Stone they cleared the ship of any hostiles by the time I reached the ship. One survivor was found in the water, the one who was blinded by Boris. He now sits in shackles.

Adra's Journal: Session 10
Session 10: When it rains...

Session 10: “When it rains…”

From the journal of Adra Kellen:

Barrakas 18th, 818
Halcyon, Miron

We arrived back in Halcyon near early evening. I am looking forward to getting back to my administrative tasks and take a break from the rigors of exploration. Having spent nearly a year away from exploring these lands, I can say I never once missed it. Now I didn’t spend the entire year inside the city. My duties took me to the surrounding lands, up to Leveton, and to the many farmsteads that we have established. I didn’t have to deal with dark fey creatures or terrible plant monstrosities.

I think the others are likewise happy to be within the city again. While Cedric’s fey affliction was lifted by Tiressia, his apprehension of the woods lingers. Boris is the only one that feels confined by the prospect of administration. He was in a mood as we entered town, much like a child being sent to sleep before it wants to. The man belongs in the woods, I don’t think he will ever adapt to city life.

Hopefully the next few days will bring some peace and quiet. The nation has seen a good year and with summer at its peak we should be looking forward to a bountiful harvest in the next couple of months.

Barrakas 20th, 818
Halcyon, Miron

The peace I was looking for was disturbed this morning with opening remarks from the council. There is talk of the recent happenings in the west, apparently word has spread about the Boggard. Specifically people are concerned that if one exists so close to one of our settlements that there could be more. Additionally, the Strigani have gone unchecked in the western regions. Cedric and the rest of the council suggested that when roads connect Tatzlford with the rest of the nation we should see decreased rogue behavior. Tatzlford and the surrounding region would no longer be so isolated and the law should be more visible.

Barrakas 22nd, 818
Halcyon, Miron

As I was walking to the council meeting this morning, I had to make haste to not be caught in a terrible downpour. I am so very glad to be indoors, I have had enough of exploring in the rain.

Barrakas 24th, 818
Halcyon, Miron

The rains have not relented. I cannot recall the rains being this heavy during any month last year. From what the locals report this is the worst rain that the region has seen in years. There have been accounts of several farmsteads being washed away as the rivers surged. Halcyon has thus far been okay, but we have had reports of missing people. The storm has stranded caravans in town and others have had to find shelter along the roads. Thank the Flame that the patches in the roof of the fort have held. I can report that the number of pots being used to collect water has never been so few. It has taken more than a year to fix these damned holes.

Barrakas 26th, 818
Halcyon, Miron

Last night was hellish. We had just finished our council meeting and were adjourning this month’s session when we heard shouts and cries from the street. As we exited the building we saw that the streets were flooded and rising. Each block was in jeopardy of being washed away. We set about organizing teams to help mitigate the damage. We had built barriers around some establishments the day before, which helped tremendously as the waters rushed in. Amazingly no major damage was done to the city.

As the rain still came down in sheets, Akiros alerted me that a member of one of the farmer’s unions had come forward with dire news. Some of the leaders had purchased several scrolls of weather control. They believed that they could control the weather and create prime conditions for the last few months of the growing season. Unfortunately they are not gifted with the Mark of Storms and thus have failed entirely. These backwoods uneducated farmers may have destroyed their own crops and quite possibly could destroy this town. Akiros has already set out warrants to arrest the members of the union on sight.

More troubling news came this morning. I had only a few hours of sleep when Akiros sent word that he needed to see me. The others were soon to follow and we assembled the council. Akiros informed that we had a disappearance on the night of the flood and this morning there was some sort of animal attack at the edge of town. A shepherd boy had been gathering his flock when the storms hit and something attacked him and his herd. A barmaid never made it home and Akiros suspects either foul play or a similar animal attack. I plan to investigate the animal attack as the scene is still fresh. Boris has said he will accompany me while Cedric and Stone will investigate the barmaid’s disappearance.

Barrakas 26th, 818
Edge of town – Halcyon, Miron
Late morning

We have arrived on the scene. The gore and carnage is tremendous. Boris has begun to look for tracks and determine the range of the attack. There is little that remains of the boy and I have taken a preliminary examination of what was left of the sheep. It appears that something very large attacked these animals. It is unlike any animal attack I have seen. This type of carnage and pure rage comes only from one type of creature. A Lycanthrope. I will examine the remains further to confirm my suspicions.

I am still shaking from the experience. I used the magnifying glass that Ebihelin gave me. Some strange magics are contained within that glass. I was examining tooth marks when I began to see through the eyes of the sheep. I felt the fear and terror that it experienced in its last moments of life. I felt myself trying to outrun something large that seemed to dart from shadow to shadow. It ended with a blinding flash of panic and I heard myself scream.

I have taken several minutes to steady myself. Boris was concerned with what had happened, I tried to explain it, but gave up as it sounded foolish. He suggested that we find the Druid and have him speak with the remaining sheep that have scattered. I have suggested we continue looking for tracks.

Barrakas 26th, 818
Copse of Trees, quarter of a mile from the scene of the animal attack

After an hour or so we found large wolf prints in the mud. The trails are a mess from the flooding and trampling of hooves and boot. We have followed wolf tracks from the animal attack to a small copse of trees. Here we are at a loss. There are no wolf prints exiting the copse.

It’s a werewolf. We found tracks, human tracks, leading from the small patch of trees. The footprints are just that, foot prints. Not boot prints. The creature must have changed back into its human guise and headed back to the city…

Barrakas 26th, 818
Stone Mead’s Brewery and Bar

Boris went to collect the remaining sheep as I went to alert Akiros and his men that a werewolf was most certainly stalking the streets of Halcyon. Akiros is unwilling to lend any of his men to help in the investigation as they are still working on disaster relief. I went to locate the others and see if they had any luck in their case. I stopped in at the brewery, as I was sure they were still here. Ghazog had just raised a mug to me as Boris’ accursed messenger bird flew past me to his table where it announced that his services were requested. I explained to Ghazog what we had intended and he was sure he could prepare the proper spell by the next day. He also confirmed that Cedric and Stone were just here. He had grown concerned as this was the third councilor in the last hour to question him and the others at the bar about the whereabouts of the barmaid.

Barrakas 26th, 818
Drainage ditch at edge of town

After leaving the brewery I found Cedric and Stone. They had spoken with the girl’s family, but had not inspected the body. Useless! I’ll need to view the body and confirm that what killed her was the same thing that killed the shepherd boy.

When I spoke with Cedric and Stone they had heard that the girl was found just outside of town in a drainage ditch. I walked over and met with Zat. He was already going about with The Hand securing the scene. He explained what he found and how he found it. The muddy ditch still had remnants of torn clothing and still soaked with blood. The amount of blood must have been incredible as it has been raining since the girl went missing and yet the ground remains stained. Zat described the scene. It was unsettlingly similar to the one I had seen earlier. I mentioned my findings and Zat had no reason to dispute my suspicions of a werewolf. Zat continued with a list of potential suspects. The girl had been sought by several men in town.

Elios- Zat mentioned that he was seen with her on several nights, but he has been out of town for the last week or two.

Marston- The artist and poet. I will need to investigate further.

‘Big Man’ – Zat described a giant of a man from across the bay. One of these barbarians could easily do this without being cursed. I will have to locate this one immediately. His last known whereabouts is a hostel run by a Halfling named Morash.

Barrakas 26th, 818
Morash’s Hostel
Early evening

When we arrived at the hostel, Morash the landlord greeted us with concern. I was initially suspicious of him, he questioned our intentions and denied us entry. We told him of the dire situation and between Cedric and I convinced him that we needed to see the foreign man. He gave us the key to his room and informed us that the man’s name is Kundal. He hasn’t been home in atleast a day or two. His room is barely furnished, hardly any sort of personal effects. Stone thinks he may have found something.

It’s a human ear. A golden earing still attached. Kundal is a werewolf.

Barrakas 27th, 818
Fort Serenity-My Room
Early Morning

I will take no responsibility if that thing kills again. He was a dead man. I should have just finished him at the cistern. Cedric be damned. Its one thing to arrest and prosecute a thief, it’s another to bring into custody a lycanthrope that has brutally slaughtered two townsfolk and who know how many others. To think that the creature is alive in the cellar of this fort is inexcusable. I cannot sit by while that thing is here. I’m still shaking from my encounter. I need to get back out there and help the recovery teams, but I need to steady myself first.

No one needs to know what we encountered. Only a handful of town guards actually saw it. The rains were so strong and the thunder so loud that I could barely keep track of it as it chased me.

After finding the ear of the girl, I knew we were dealing with a lycanthrope. Between what I saw out in the field and the blood soaked ditch the girl had been found in, this thing needed to be killed. I immediately set out to warn Akiros what we were dealing with. Stone and Cedric stayed back at the hostel, figuring it would come back to its den. I knew otherwise. It would take advantage of the weather and strike again. I found Akiros, Kesten, and Zat gathered at the Office of the Guard. I updated them about what we had found and warned them of the danger the entire town was in. Storm clouds had been forming since the afternoon, but had been holding off.

When I exited the office, the rain began to fall. Those damned idiots. House Lyrandar would have them all in chains. I saw Boris struggling to shepherd the sheep we had encountered earlier back to the fort. They were beginning to panic due to the severe weather. I was startled by the thunder as I made my way to the market square, that’s where I spotted the creature. I was skulking through the streets, on the prowl for its next victim. I readied my bow and began stalking it. Hardly anyone was left in the streets. The few recovery teams that were working to sandbag had found shelter. The rain was intolerable. I could barely make out the figure of a man struggling with a cart. It appeared to be one of the traveling merchants that had been stuck in town due to the storm. He was having trouble moving his cart out of the muddy road. The lycanthrope had focused on this man to be his next meal. I drew my bow and called on the Flame for guidance. I fired an arrow at the creature which nearly knocked it off its feet as it charged the hapless and unaware merchant. The creature recovered as if it prepared for such an event and turned to charge me. I began to run. I couldn’t get another arrow off before it closed in on me, and the rain made precision almost impossible.

I ran through the more flooded sections of town which had been abandoned or were less populated. I hit an entirely flooded street and climbed to the rooftops. It was difficult keeping my balance, but was able to put some distance between us. I came across a sunken rooftop and tried to jump across. I slipped on the wet roof and crashed through the open air room just as the werewolf reaches the roof. It peered down at me and I rolled to my feet and looked for an exit. The nearest window had a laundry line that attached to building across the courtyard. I leaped out and threw my bow over the line which carried me to a rooftop on the other side. I grab hold of a rusty drainpipe and begin to slide down as it crumples and falls apart. I hit the ground hard. The werewolf meanwhile had jumped from the same window and landed in the middle of the courtyard.

At this point Boris and Panther come riding up barely avoiding a giant sinkhole that had just opened up in the middle of the street. Boris recovers and swings past me and I grab on to Panther. We turn down a narrow alleyway which is blocked by a cart. Boris tries to coax Panther to jump the cart and fails. We go tumbling over the cart and hit the cobblestone road. The werewolf takes advantage of our mishap and closes on us. It gets close enough to swipe at me and react by running faster. I break out of the narrow alleyway down another and find myself at dead end. A newly constructed cistern stands between me and the rest of my life. The Flame guided me to a indistinguishable door built into the side of the cistern, I throw open the door just as Boris and Panther come around the corner. I slam the door shut as the two enter. I thought I was going to die in there. We attempted to brace the door and as we went about barricading I found a lever that revealed a small slit in the door. The werewolf began to slam itself against the door and it began to come off its hinges. The door began to splinter and I took advantage of the gap and fired a few arrows through. I steady my aim and fire another shot and it strikes the creature in the heart.

As the creature collapsed to the ground Stone and Cedric arrive on the scene with a small dog in tow. I lean back on the cistern wall as Boris releases the door which promptly falls to the ground. We survived. My heart was beating out of my chest and I could barely keep my hands steady. I took a moment as I saw the creature revert back to a human man. Cedric pulled a scroll from his pack and began to read it and the rain ceased to fall. As the rain came to a halt, I saw the man’s chest barely heave. I push off the wall and grab an arrow and nock it as I walk up to him. Cedric and the others block my path. I could not believe that they wouldn’t let me finish this thing. Cedric tried to reason that he had reverted to a man and that he would be tried for his crimes. I was still so shaken from the encounter that I didn’t have any fight in me. I just told him to deal with it and I walked back to the fort.

Adventure Log – Session 14: Balanor’s Helm, a crew, and a priest sail into a lake

I took the day to take Balanor’s Helm and crew looking for my lost, exquisitely crafted, cold iron sword. I hope to have it enchanted with a flame blade when I have the skill and coin to do so. I prayed over the lakes local where I thought it lost, saw it in my minds eye, polymorphed into a beaver and retrieved the blade without hesitation.

The unit explored the area to the south, and came upon a group of gnomes on a mapping expedition firmly mired in the sandbanks of a river. We aided them in freeing there wagon. We bargained 4,ooo gold of the settlements surplus supplies for there professionally done, in an artsy fashion, cartography work.

I was against this notion at first. However they pointed out several areas that require immediate pacification. Part of me wonders if they would have told us about these areas of need without making a deal. These gnomes warrant scrutiny.

Adventure Log – Session 13: Running away towards Aibreann

Well we began exploring an unfortunate island. Thick thorny underbrush covered the island and seemed to hunger for human blood. The ambiance was terrifyingly depressing, and overcame my heart with apathy. I dug deep inside and thought of what makes me happy, and thought of Aibreann. Without a thought, I palymorphed into an eagle, and headed back to the ship. The gnomish crewmen tried to strike me down with a grappling hook, I think to sup on my eagle flesh. I dove into the water and struggled to make it to the ship. I will need to learn to swim.

After resting the night, I traveled back to the island to check on my companions. Oddly I located them easily enough checking out the ruin of a tower. I found a dagger, picked it up, and it began forcing its will onto me. I warned my companions about its effect, but they ignored me. I cannot seem to contemplate this reaction. It then compelled me to attack Cedric.

Now a priest attacking a fully armored paladin with a dagger should have been a easy enough to subdue. I was outnumbered three to one. Not to mention that two of the three outnumbering me had healing magics. Any damage that I could have cause, could have been healed once my mind was my own again. Yet Stone thought it best to kill me or chop off my hand. I do not understand that mad devil of a dwarf. I do not understand if Stone is feeble minded or wicked. I don’t know how to reconcile my duty to my unit with serving with this foul creature.

The fey queen Narissa’s home, prison or resting place . . . I am uncertain. The island was writhe with willow-the-wisps. I am certain one stole my long sword. I can’t wait to go back.

Forgotten Gods and Uncharted Lands

Forgotten Gods and Uncharted Lands

     We all gathered up together and pressed on further into the woods after the encounter with the mad driven boar Tuskgutter. We spent a whole day pressing forward, still on guard after the events prior. That it could possibly be a sign of things to come. Though lo and behold that the further we trekked into the green, lush forest, the more peaceful and normal it felt. I could only hope that this was a sign that I was right, with the words that I spoke of to Kurgar. That that there could be no worse that these forests could throw at us.

     A whole day went by without a hassle. No bandits on the path, no eerie feelings, no rising suspicions, nothing. The whole way there I still went without any wine or whiskey. Stonehands started to grow a bit bothered by my sudden sobriety. I assured him that I was fine and just needed time to focus as much as I could. Him being a dwarf he made the argument that the best way to focus was with a tank full of mead. I do not know exactly how a dwarf’s metabolism functions but it certainly does not have the same effect on me as it does him. Adra was giving me a few more glances than usual on the trip, as if making sure that my head was in the game. One point I was drinking from the waterskin and she just stared and pointed at my flask. I shook my head and smiled to her holding up the pouch of fresh water. She simply shook her head in a disagreeing manner and went about her usual business. Odd woman. Berates me when I drink wine and berates me when I drink water. No way to please that woman.

     After a long day traveling, we settled down near the edge of a swamp. With darkness approaching we did not want to proceed further for there would most likely not be any stable dry land to set up camp for a while. I had the night to sit alone and talk with Darius. Going over what it took to build peace out here. Who I could bring in? It’s all I could think about as of late. Trying to create a safe haven from everything that is happening in Rhestilor. I would not even know where to start. This was the first time I was pseudo-leading a group. I would not know how to start up and lead a small colony. Darius mostly just laughed, called me jaded, said war would come to where because that is usually how nations are. Least to say, he was not entirely helpful at all. Cheeky bastard. Maybe some inspiration would hit me after a decent night of sleep.

     Awoke the next day, not being struck by any new ideas but Morgan with my flask. Morgan kept trying to push it closer to my mouth while making little noises. “See, even the small guy agrees you need ta drink up” said Stonehands. I just gently pushed Morgan and the flask to the side and made my way to take a piss outside. When I came back from my morning routine, Kurgar had everyone gathered up to tell them at a small fey creature visited camp last night. Seems he had a previous encounter with the thing and it was partially helpful before. He relayed that the fey talked about a being further into the swamp, a boggard and a giant pet frog. Seemed docile but….we I would judge that when I see it.

     About a few hours into the swamp we started to come across partially more stable land.and the bare bones of building foundations. After a bit more we started to come across actual dilapidated stonework buildings that were sinking into the marsh. We heard this is where the boggard was settled at so we all began to press on with even further caution. Boris and Stoney took the lead and scouted the area up ahead. “This…is very uncomfortable” Adra grumbled as she trudged through the muck, trying to discern what was sludge and what was not. “Pretty, little, princess misses her castle walls” chuckled Kurgar. Adra just stared and Kurgar and went back to walk cautiously while we waited on our scouts.

     We heard a loud croak and followed by another bellowing, deeper croak. A garbled voice rang out from one of the near by buildings. I could not exactly hear what was going on from the distance but I could faintly make out Stoney trying to be cordial and calm. Boris just stood next to Stonehands keeping his eyes fixated on something around the corner that neither of us could see. After what seemed to be a long minute of discussion, a giant frog man plopped down from an opening in one of the old buildings and made his way next to Stonehands and Boris. Around the corner was a humungous giant frog that bounded towards our allies. I went to pick up speed and charge until I saw Stoney turn his head, smile and give a thumbs up. Oh thank you, no fighting.

     I made my way to the others and heard the boggard in his throaty voice “Me, Gorum, this, Slurk!” as he gestured from himself to the abnormal sized pet frog. We all made our introductions to the odd creature and tried to ascertain information the best we could with him. It was shocking this creature knew common, albeit broken common. Still though it was something. We could only make out the bit that he thought the surrounding marshlands to be his kingdom. I saw Adra restrain laughter as she eyed the buildings insensitively, completely unimpressed. I never pressed the issue, mattered not to me. It would feel like criticizing a child that his imaginary kingdom was nothing but mounds of broken brick and dilapidated stone halls.

     After declaration of kingdom, the bogard asked if there was interest in trade. I needed nothing, I could not see what this creature would have to me that would be of use. Though Boris and Stonehands started sifting through their pack to find anything that caught the Gorum’s eye. Stoney reached pulled out a fairly new bear trap and demonstrated it to the bogard. It laughed as it said “Good, catching kobold!”. This then drew out a conversation from all of us that there needed to be careful consideration on eating the Sootscale kobolds to the west. I do not know if Gorum entirely understood the conversation. The bogard just nodded happily and chucked a blue gem at Stonehands while taking the bear trap.

     Boris on the other hand produced from his pack, the illicit bag of drugs, in hopes of trade. “Why do you still have that thing” barked Adra. “It is useful. Here, Gorum. This is medicine” said Boris. “No that is not medicine, that looks to be cocaine” I followed up. The bogard crept closer to Boris, inspecting the bag of drugs. “I would not trade drugs. It is immoral as it de-purify the body. I would never do such a thing” Boris replied. Boris held out his hand as the bogard replaced with it a green gem in his palm. “Boris, we kept telling you it was drugs, we know it is drugs. I thought you threw that away” I said.

     “Now. I am beginning to wonder why a devout paladin and inquisitor supposedly know so much about illegal drugs. Tell me. What does that say about you two then?” Boris spat back. Adra stomped forward and got in Boris’s face. “What we know and how we know it is not relevant. What is relevant is the fact you still kept it when we kept telling you what it was.”

     I turned to see the bogard inhale the bag of dust and share with his giant, pet frog. Gorum’s eyes began to dilate. His body tensed up and started to twitch. Just great. I walked up and parted Adra and Boris, trying to clear the air. I heard Kurgar laughing to himself about the small dissension in the group. I shot him a glance and turned my attention back to our cleric. “Boris this is on you. If we have to deal with a drug, addled bogard in the future it is wholly your fault.” Boris just smiled as he put his gem away and patted me on the shoulder. “There is nothing to worry about Cedric. This bogard will be fine. Plus who knows what he might have contracted from this place. The medicine could help him with that.”

     Adra went to reach out and grab Boris as he turned to walk away but I pulled her back to the side. “Leave him. It is helpless. Let’s just make sure things like this do not happen in the future.” She glowered at Boris’s back and then stared up at me.”You protect his ignorance to much.” I turned away to look back to see Boris handing Stonehands his gem so he could inspect it. Boris smiling and admiring his shiny, new acquisition. I shook my head and replied back to Adra. “We have to keep an eye on him. Protect him. We have to teach him. Will take time.” Adra hissed through her teeth and delivered her words with clear annunciation. “I will have no part in looking after him.”

     Ah. Is there ever a day where things can just go right. Just once. Guess not. Gorum urged us that we could stay the night and that he was happy to have friends. We all did not entirely like the idea but the bogard seemed docile enough. Plus this was the only place where it seemed to have stable, solid ground for miles. It was the only suitable place to rest. So we obliged with the offer and stayed the night. While at camp the bogard stayed with us for a few and told detail of giant snakes and an old statue to the south. Naturally Boris was interested in fighting these snakes to further prove his devotion to Balinor. Well atleast we had a vague idea of what was to come.

     The next two days we ventured further south without any incident or anything remarkable to note. There was still some animosity between Adra and Boris. Though it was entirely on Adra’s side. I understand her conviction, to uphold the law. Though Boris could argue that he was not breaking a law, since these lands were lawless. What upset her more though was the refusal of his belief in our knowledge. I have been through slums, cities, towns, and ram shackled villages. I have seen a wide variety of dealings of narcotics in my span of ten years. No doubt Adra has seen it as well. With her being a meticulous inspector and all.

     After a while on our third day out into the marshlands, we started to finally come across an overgrown clearing with solid soil. The clearing had a certain, empty calm to it. As though it remain unburdened. Silent. Still. Though not in a way that would make men uncomfortable or worrisome. An oddity in these parts, where wild life seems to find a way to crawl, trot, gallop and scurry over every inch of land.

     In the middle of the clearing stood a giant, derelict statue, covered in vines in the middle of area. Boris jumped off of his horse and scampered over to the statue. Seeing him in the helm that he took from the Stag Lord, bobbing and weaving back and forth as he rushed towards the statue looked kind of funny. Like a small child running towards a father he has not seen in years. “Balinor! Ha ha! A statue in his honor!” The area looked to be and felt like a bit of a safe haven. Though like the temple in his name we found a month and a half ago prior, it looked abandoned.

     Kurgar plopped down and sat on a log to light his pipe and began to mock Boris. “Seems your God is really popular around these parts” in a sarcastic tone. Adra sneered at the statue and added her own words. “I can see he is truly loved. His temple and now this is a shining example.” Boris’s ever lasting smile partially faded, as the words hurt him. “That is enough” I whispered to our crude dwarf and inquisitor. Boris just looked around the area with concern and slowly began to clear the statue and the immediate area..

     “It is sad in a way isn’t it? To see a god you worship, abandoned and forgotten” Stonehands whispered. Me and him watched Boris muttering to himself while working diligently. “To be honest I have not come across a temple of Dol Arrah in a while. It is better than seeing a temple of her’s mistreated and neglected.” Stonehands and I were silent for a moment as we saw Kurgar and Adra slowly setting up camp. “I am glad the Flame has a huge following. Nobody seems to ignore the flame like parts of da Host.” Stonehands began to caress the Silver Flame necklace he now wore ever since I met up with him again back in Brindol. I got up and moved towards Boris and the statue. Flame or Host, it is not acceptable either way.

     I pulled out my sword and started cutting away at all the vines and shrubbery that surrounded the statue and its area. Boris looked up and gave me acknowledgment. “Why would anyone leave Balinor. He has been so good to me and my family” he said with a frown. “I cannot speak for others Boris, I do not know” I reply. After a while Stonehands came up and started to help clean things up. I gave Stoney a look of thanks and went back to talking with Boris. “These lands need to remember the gods. Only through the Host’s guidance can people know peace” said Boris. “So why Cedric, are you and Mr. Bloodbeard helping me? You follow a Goddess of Law and War. He follows the Everlasting Flame. Why help The Hunt?”

     “Yes I and faithful entirely to another but Balinor is of The Host. I respect that. I respect any religion or faith that seeks to better people and not bring harm to the innocent. For Stoney…he is probably just doing it because he feels bad for you. “Thank you Cedric.” After about another hour or so the statue was cleared as was the field. After our efforts there seemed to be what felt like a blessing wash over us. Boris looked up at the statue, put the stag helm under his arm, and bowed, as his smile finally returned. Our camp that night was arguably the most peaceful night we had our in the forest. Seems all that Balinor needed was for a devout follower to pass by and restore the faith. I went up to the statue and gave thanks before we left. If it was a statue of my goddess, I would want anyone else to do the same……

     We spent the next day searching further south. We seemed to be passing by a wolves den when all we could hear was howling all over the area. Boris wanted to go out of the way to find this pack of wolves and deal with the. All Boris wants to do is hunt. So when he heard animals in the distance, he wanted to kill them in honor of his god. The way I saw it that they were just a pack of wolves looking after their area. I did not want to go out of my way to kill them for no reason. Though hey, different gods, different beliefs. We all have our own codes and principles.

     After a day of walking further south, the howling got out of earshot and with that, Boris’a constant suggestions that we find them and kill them. The wooded area started to fade and recede back into marshland. We got to an area of the swamp where it became deadly quiet. There was a sunken clearing, smoldering plants, all accompanied with a vile and putrid stench. Smack dab in the middle of this, is what appeared to be a dead unicorn of all things. We all steadily approached the unicorn, getting through the squelching ground. The closer we approached, the more eerie the scene looked.

     The odd part was about this macabre scene was that for something to be dead in the wild, by now, it would be crawling with something. Bugs, insects, worms, scavengers. We all kind of stared in amazement. Never…seen a unicorn before. Now here it is before us…dead. Odd to see something that you hear about in fairy tales at your feet, keeled over. What ever it was in the area, it unsettled Boris’s horse Panther. The other horses were uneasy but Panther was picking up something else which made him act out a bit more than the other horses. “Ugh…this makes me uncomfortable” said Stonehands.

     Adra pulled out her healing kit. No surprise that her’s looks better than mine. She settled down with caution next to the unicorn and began to examine it. After a while she got up and sighed. “Well. I don’t think I needed to say it but…this was not done by normal means. Most likely…..this was death magic.” Well that would explain why nothing wants to touch the body. Stonehands began to mumble incoherently about something and began to pace himself. “Ugh…Ya know. This sounds a might tad familiar” he began to drawl. “There used to be stuff they whispered about. The erg…fey magic. The dark sort of variety. This kinda thing seems like their sort of deal.” Adra gave him a look that made it appear as if she was insulted. “How would a dwarf from the holds even know about anything like this?”

     It does not matter at this point. The creature is dead. We have to settle it. Finally Kurgar who was eying the unicorn the whole time hungrily spoke up. “Ya know I am tired of rations and crap. Boris you don’t hunt for a damn. Now we got ourselves some mystical unicorn meat. I’m digging in.” So much for that unicorn going untouched. Boris tried to step in between Kurgar and the unicorn. “No, do not do this. It is tainted meat. It is not pu-” when Kurgar finally shoved him aside. Kurgar pulled out a blade and cut out a piece off of the unicorn.

     It was a disturbing sight to say the least. Kurgar cutting off little piece by piece of the unicorn and downing the horrid flesh. This was arguably the most disgusting thing we have seen him do. That is saying a lot. “Ya know Kurgar…this isn’t smart. I mean…if Boris won’t eat it…you shouldn’t eat it.” Kurgar just laughed at our pleads for him to stop. Well me, Boris and Stonehand’s pleas. Adra I am sure had this mix of horror seeing the unicorn get eaten but also a sadistic curiosity to what it’s flesh would do to his body.

     We got an answer all to soon. Kurgar began to sweat profusely. His skin turned ghostly white. Even whiter than it was when we had the encounter with Tuskgutter. He tried to get up and only stumbled. Wow…the meat was really working it’s way through his system fast. He fell down and vomited until it started to turn a shade of red. Me and Boris got up to help him but he pushed us away. He scampered up before we could get to him and jumped on his horse. He said he had to go back to Fort Serenity immediately. I yelled out he would be mad to take off with him being sick as he was. Between him being in agony and his violent vomiting. I do not think he heard me.

     Boris sent a message on his scary, undead bird to the fort, saying to be on the lookout for Kurgar and that he was very, very ill. “Well…that was more than enough. Hey…Ced. Gimme er hand” said Stoney. “This thing needs a proper send off” as we walked back towards the unicorn. “I…think it would be best to leave it be” interjected Adra. “I am with Stone here. We can’t leave it like this” I replied. Me and Stonehands tied a rope around the unicorn and dragged it’s body out to the closest dry land we could find. Upon finding said land we both felt that as if we needed to say a few words. I just doused the body in some holy water, gave it a small blessing as Stoney was the one who was trying to muddle up together a proper speech.

     After we splashed the body with oil and began to set it ablaze, something….interesting happened. While we were watching the body burn, Stonehand’s bunny ears and tail began to vanish and to replace it, archaic fey tattoos appeared on his arms. Stone grew to like those ears of his and even the tail made him chuckle. However their disappearance did not seem to bother him as he seemed plenty appreciated with the tattoos that popped up on him. I watched as the mark of fey trickery vanished and was replaced by something that seemed, to me anyways, respectable. I took off my helmet and scratched at the green fur that has been on me for a few months now. How long am I going to have this on me I wonder….

Adra's Journal: Session 7b
Session 7b: Monthly Reports

Session 7b: “Monthly Reports”

Compiled here are copies of correspondence sent to Baron Cedric Fellstorm. Each letter details some of the events and happenings in the nation of Halcyon during its first year.

Halcyon, Miron
Barrakas 817

Baron Fellstorm,

Since founding Miron and Halcyon we have received an estimated two hundred and fifty colonists. They are of varied social standing, but typical of the population of the river lands. I have taken it upon myself to personally inspect their travel papers and their intent to make Miron their home. Anyone not in possession of traveling papers had documentation issued to them and records made. I am currently storing these records until we have constructed a proper repository.

The work on the craftsman guild house is complete. I have spoken with the craftsman guild and they have already made use of the facilities. They are very hopeful to attract crafters and artisans that want to explore their arts. I would prefer they remain closer to traditional crafts, however seeing as we have no partnerships with the Dragonmarked houses I will not hamper any innovation.

One of the many craftsmen that have come to settle in Halcyon is Voshan Zehtacian, an elven artist that specializes in the horticultural arts. I would normally be unconcerned about an artist arriving, but I would suggest we speak with him about beautifying this town. I would very much like to see parks and common areas that mimic the great gardens of Flamekeep and Thronehold. It is still early enough to speak with Stone and his architects to include Zehtacian’s landscaping in the city plan.

In closing I want to discuss a colonist that has been involved in many projects this month. His name is Loy Rezbin. I have kept a close eye on him and his wife, Latricia, over the past month. The pair have done wonders helping other colonists and organizing workers. They seem to have political ambitions and have been talking to trappers and traders from the east. I have overheard them mention on several occasions the construction of a trading post out in the Narlmarches, near where we fought those terrible Tatzlwyrms. Apparently before those creatures made their home at that spot it was used as an impromptu trading ground for trappers and other woodsmen. Loy has made a request to speak about his aspirations at this month’s council meeting.

Adra Kellen

Halcyon, Miron
Rhaan 817

Baron Fellstorm,

Unsurprisingly, we have had a bevy of prostitutes enter town. The Byggmesteren had been constructing an inn, but has decided to alter the designs to accommodate these…new comers. I have a few suspicions that you had something to do with this. I cannot substantiate my claims, but I have known you to be fond of brothels. I suppose if we are to have such an establishment in town that it be regulated and monitored by the law.

I have been working very closely with the warden and marshal, keeping both abreast to the activity of our colonists. Akiros is slightly uncomfortable with the level of detail I provide, as he believes I am “overstepping my station” and “invading their privacy.” He has on several occasions involved himself in my investigations. I would very much like if you would talk to Akiros. If I am to do my job effectively I must have little oversight and be allowed to do what others will not. I should have you know that Zat has been able to better secure the roads we have extending to Three-River Crossing and the new farmlands with my inquiries. Zat has even taken to creating his own reports and sending them to me.

Roughly two dozen colonists have followed Loy and Latricia Rezbin to the trading post of Tatzlford. I have heard that they have experienced excellent progress in clearing and repairing the ford. Several pavilion tents have been erected while construction on more permanent shelters is completed. I must admit I am fairly impressed by the Rezbins. Their work in Halcyon was exemplary and it’s unfortunate that others are not as motivated or dedicated to their civic duties.

A half-orc by the name of Gordrak d’Tharashk has been staying in town for the last few weeks. I have detected a malevolence about him that has me on guard. He has not broken any laws, but I would certainly keep a close eye on this one. Being that he is of House Tharashk I would suggest we not do anything hasty. I would like to establish some alliances with the Houses, and while I would not want to deal with this scum, I would not want to make an enemy of that House.

Adra Kellen

Halcyon, Miron
Sypheros 817

Baron Fellstorm,

I must suggest we stop following the dwarf’s plan. We are constructing a brewery, yet we still have no house of worship or any substantial government building. While I understand that drink is popular amongst the colonists and brewing our own will lessen our dependency on foreign trade, I believe we should look to our nation’s infrastructure before its pastime.

As you know I am continuing to investigate a situation that I am close to revealing to you. On suggestion from Akiros and Kesten I will provide you with a full document disclosing my investigation once it is complete. Just know that I am monitoring trade in and out of our lands. Even more so now that we have extended roads into the Soot-Scale territory. Initial reports from the colonists are mixed, but the kobolds find the prospect of readily available dairy to be a fantastic boon.

Speaking of the kobolds, I would like to share that I have come to appreciate their dedication to the nation and more so their interest in the Silver Flame. I have been teaching Chief Soot-Scale the doctrine of my faith and he has found it to be one that the kobolds could follow. I have been working with two kobolds in particular, Tim-Tam and Kev-kin. They are showing promise and have nothing but respect for my teachings. In fact, nearly a tenth of the kobold population has embraced the Silver Flame.

I haven’t been able to keep a closer eye on the new arrivals to town, but one caught my attention. His name is Marston Grey, an artist and singer. I am sure Stonehands can tell you more about him as he has a fascination with these types. I find his work melancholy and unimaginative. Life is hard, deal with it. I’ll never understand these artist types.

Adra Kellen

Halcyon, Miron
Aryth 817

Baron Fellstorm,

Akiros should be rethinking his stance. As you know I have finally broken a case of embezzling that has been ongoing since shortly after the first colonists arrived. Without my ‘extreme measures’ this crime would have continued unimpeded and possibly been able to destabilize our community. We have only been established for a few months. It would be a sad to end this little venture because we had an unchecked criminal element. I again will remind you that you placed me in this position. I was happy to let you and the rest play kingdom and watch from the side.

Now that Brisbee Thorpe has been dealt with I will continue to investigate his personal papers and attempt to make sense of how he could have been siphoning supplies for this long. The dossier that I provided you was enough to arrest him, what I am currently working on will reveal the rest of his criminal partners. I still need to find out who he was working with to get the supplies out of town. No one can recall any large amounts of materials leaving by wagon.

I ask that I am to be dismissed of my duties on Aryth 24. It is a high holy day and I do not intend to spend it in council. I understand if this will delay things, but I will not be denied my faith.

-Adra Kellen

P.S. I’m not sure how you found out my birth date, but I am sure to keep better secrets from you. I have never in my life been so equally shocked and embarrassed as I was when the monument was uncovered. Though, I must say the resemblance is remarkable. The next time you decide to use my likeness, I would like to be informed before it is revealed to the entire town.

Oleg’s Trading Post
Vult 817

Baron Fellstorm,

I know that you hate that I address you as such, but if how would you have me address you? This is formal correspondence, do you want me to address you as Stone does? I think not.

Our progress building roads has been slow, while I know that we will benefit greatly from having roads connecting Oleg’s Trading Post with Halcyon, construction in the middle of winter has been problematic. I have reports of several dissenters who have tried to stir up trouble amongst the road crews. While Kurgar has been dispatched I would recommend holding off construction until we have adequate shelters available.

The progress at the gold mine is another matter. Once we annexed the mine, we had teams of miners ready to venture in and strike it rich. Even through the inclimate weather we are experiencing a large influx of new colonists seeking to make a name for themselves and a fortune. I have taken to keeping an eye on the operations there to make sure there is no illicit activity jeopardizing the mine or its miners.

I will continue to stay up at Oleg’s until the council meeting. The fort is in dire need of repairs and until we can get those drafts fixed and the roof patched I will be staying up here. I am thrilled however that we are finally making progress in building some municipal buildings. The Office of the City Guard will serve as a great administration building until we can afford to build more. This should also reaffirm our dedication to law and order.

Adra Kellen

Oleg’s Trading Post
Zarantyr 818

Baron Cedric Fellstorm,

As you undoubtedly heard, Svetlana was attacked returning to the trading post from a visit in Halcyon. I met her on the trail and while she was physically unharmed she was left shaken from the experience. Luckily Zat had several of his kobolds following her at the time and they were able to intervene before she was harmed. Niilo, one of the union leaders had been seeking Svetlana’s attention. Apparently Niilo had little concern that she was married and when she spurned his advances he became infatuated with her. Zat informs me that Niilo followed her out of Halcyon and waited until they were far enough from either end of the trip to strike. Zat’s kobolds, now referred to as The Hands, rescued Svetlana as the man tried to assault her. He had a knife drawn and the kobolds went for him and, from what I was told by Zat and Svetlana, had his hands bitten off and dragged out into kame lands. I inspected the remains, but there wasn’t much left of him. They didn’t so much as eat him as ravaged his corpse…

The winter has been tough, I have tried to inspect the lands we have annexed, but it is proving hard to travel anywhere without roads. Last I saw of Halcyon a housing was being constructed and a dump was designated at the edge of the Founding District.

I plan to remain at the trading post to see to Svetlana. I will also keep an eye on the visitors to the trading post and make sure no one will try to retaliate in response to Niilo’s folly. I will personally accompany Svetlana to the next council meeting.

Adra Kellen

Halcyon, Miron
Olarune 818

Baron Fellstorm,

Our range has further expanded north. Within the next month roads should finally connect Halcyon with Oleg’s. I enjoyed the naming of the new farmstead along the stretch of road that was just constructed, Niilo’s Folly. That should serve as reminder that we do not take kindly to those that would wish harm on another. Zat’s Hands have stepped up patrol, but the weather is far too cold and miserable to rely on a schedule.

Since I have been back in Halcyon I have inspected the business documents of several unions and guilds that wish to operate in town. While I approve of many of the suggested businesses we just don’t have the infrastructure yet to support them. How I wish we had access to Cannith and the rest of the Dragonmarked houses.

Adra Kellen

Leveton, Miron
Tharandor 818

Baron Fellstorm,

Leveton has been founded. I am happy to finally have roads connecting the former trading post with Halcyon. This should make travel between the two much faster and much safer. The old trading post has been incorporated into the designs to be the basis of Merchant’s Point a district that will encourage trade and craft. The latest addition Oleg added was a dedicated stables that will be a wonderful asset once we establish trade lines with Brindol and the other southern towns of Rhestilor.

During the dedication of the shrine to the Sovereign Host, a half-orc I hadn’t seen before stumbled into the crowd. He looked extremely confused and looked as if he were wearing the same clothing for months. I took an interest and spoke to him privately. It turns out that the man was Ghazog the Druid. He was one of the original members of the charter to reach Oleg’s. He had no memory of the last year. He was returning to Oleg’s after exploring with the others and that is the last that he can recall. I know a little about memory loss, so I have been trying to work with him to see if he can recall anything. While working with him he has revealed some indications that the fey were involved in his lapse in memory. I have issued him citizen papers and have assigned a page to show him around Halcyon once he is ready to do so. It may be useful to know this Druid as I fear we are not done with the fey.

Adra Kellen

The Old Bandit Camp, Narlmarches
Eyre 818

Baron Fellstorm,

I apologize for the hastiness and crude script of this letter. I am writing to you without the proper use of a desk and the storm outside is rather distracting. I am currently tracking a query through the northern Narlmarches, near the Old Bandit Camp. I can’t reveal all that much, but I can tell you that it does have to do with those corpses that were found unburied and partially eaten. I plan to be in attendance at the next council meeting and will inform you in person as to what I have found.

Adra Kellen

Leveton, Miron
Dravago 818

Baron Fellstorm,

I have come to accept the kobolds, the same can not be said of the Strigani. I find their very presence to be disconcerting and in some way wicked. I don’t know if its due to their likely fey heritage or their seeming to always be up to no good. Chull Hollow is a mistake. Nothing good will come of that place. I even hear that a witch has taken up residence there. A witch, Cedric. You of all people should know that those that make deals with creatures of darkness should not be trusted. I am protesting this new district and will try very hard to have you see the error in letting it stand. The Chull tribe of the Strigani are not to be trusted.

As far as the other business of the nation, we have expanded into New Bridge, the territory between the gold mine and the Fang Berry thickets. Our road construction teams suggested a new bridge be built to replace the rickety and dilapidated one we encountered nearly a year ago.

Adra Kellen

Halcyon, Miron
Nymm 818

Baron Fellstorm,

If you will not remove the Strigani, perhaps the weather will. Terrible storms have lashed Leveton and have flooded most of Chull Hollow. What isn’t under water has blown over from the gale winds. I have surveyed the damage and I will tell you that it is severe. The few establishments still standing include the witch’s hut. If that’s not proof that there is something sinister going on, then I ask you to explain to me why the entire region was devastated but a single hut was left standing.

Kurgar has been dispatched to keep an eye on things as the cleanup begins. I fear that the storms may force the Strigani to uproot and invade Halcyon if they can’t clean up Chull Hollow.

Bokken’s Hills were similarly affected by the storm, but since the area was just recently claimed it was very lightly populated and the farm steads had not quite been established.

On one of the days following the storm an elf wizard by the name of Fynnaria entered the Hollow. She was looking for a healer, her arm was terribly crushed by a boulder trap on her travels through the river lands. She had found one of the Strigani that was able to tend to her wound, but not recover full use of her arm and hand. If only we had House Jorasco’s services out here. We would see a lot less suffering.

Adra Kellen

Halcyon, Miron
Lharvion 818

Baron Fellstorm,

It has been a most successful Silvertide. Nearly a third of the kobold population has embraced the Flame. Tim-Tam and Kev-kin have proven themselves to not only be great servants to the Silver Flame, but an inspiration to the others. I have yet to really influence the human population, but I know it is only a matter of time until they also see the light and join the purified. I would ask that we begin construction of a house of worship. I would even settle for a place where other faiths could practice. My acolytes have been holding mass in residents’ homes and on one occasion the newly constructed library, though it wasn’t yet finished.

Kurgar was able to put down much of the unrest caused by the terrible storms that swept Chull Hollow and the rest of Leveton. I know atleast one casualty from Kurgar’s visit. Though witnesses say that the perpetrator drew a weapon and threatened Kurgar and in turn Kurgar ended embedded an axe in him. His work has kept unrest at a bare minimum across the nation.

The word on the street is positive. Most citizens are looking forward to the festivals that are planned to coincide with the one year anniversary of our founding. I am overjoyed at the prospect of unloading the nearly year of paperwork I have had stored in my quarters at the newly constructed library.

Adra Kellen

Adra's Journal: Session 7
Session 7: A New Task

Session 7: “A New Task”

From the journal of Adra Kellen:

Lharvion 15, 817
Stone Wyvern – Brindol

I’m not sure exactly how to take this. I have been given another assignment; unfortunately it’s still out here, in the river lands. Under the decree of the Sword Lords of Rhestilor, I, along with the others that set out to explore the Greenbelt have been given the right to rule. We have been granted the right to claim land and with the permission of Rhestilor establish a nation in the unclaimed region of the river lands. Cedric, or should I call him Baron Fellstorm, has been given the authority to create a council to help govern the new nation. I am still speechless.

The day started at the Cisarovna estate. I was eager to leave as my night was spent in memory of the past. My upbringing, my time at the priory, and what brought me to these lands. I managed to wake and depart the premises before anyone stirred. I left a note detailing my early departure and hoped that Ebihelin would understand. It’s so startling that I care what she thinks of me. It’s as if she has some aura about her. Mothers…

I had visited the Stone Wyvern and arranged to stay the evening. I had breakfast at the inn and shortly after made my way to the Razmiran embassy. I can’t say that I was happy to see those incompetent fools. They had a stack of correspondence waiting for me and never once thought to send it to Oleg’s Trading Post. They knew where I was operating from and had even told me that they would send word to Oleg’s if I received new orders. I shared some of my story with the ambassador who could have cared less. Stanis Junto is a career bureaucrat who must have done something frowned upon to be stationed way out here. Stanis is a native Thrane and like me had little appreciation for this land. While he seemed to understand my plight, he was more interested in his own. He shared some news and even had a few newspapers to offer me, even if they were a few months out of date I was eager to read of home.

My letters brought little hope of leaving. I would have started this entry with news of leaving if that was what I received. I had several letters from church officials that were going to review my case. Others were from the office of the cardinal of Razmiran. He had been assigned a new inquisitor and wanted my files on the cases I had worked. Unfortunately for him those records were already sent back to Flamekeep.

As I was reading over my back log of correspondence a messenger boy ran in and asked for me by name. The Sword Lords were to have an assembly today and I was requested. I followed the boy to the chambers of the Sword Lords and waited for my audience. I was still reflecting on my time at the Cisarovna estate and my displeasure of not receiving the news I wanted when Cedric and Stone arrived. They both looked like they had not slept and by the stagger in their walk I could surmise why. Boris arrived shortly after, followed by Kurgar. We were lead into the same chambers where we had originally met. I was eager to know what they planned for us.

Halsted Garess, the scion of House Garess, was introduced and spoke on behalf of the Sword Lords. The group of us was called up to be recognized for our service to the nation of Rhestilor and congratulated for our work in the river lands. Our deeds were read aloud and I observed the small audience that was gathered to stand witness. Several had the look of military officers, while others looked to be nobility of some sort. The reactions to our accomplishments were almost comical. The ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ of the crowd were as if they had rehearsed prior. Cedric and Boris both had their families in attendance. Cedric’s was applauding, while Boris’ remained silent. After the summary of our deeds had been read each of us was called to receive awards.

Cedric was the first to be recognized. He received the title of Baron of the Greenbelt and the right to claim land in the river lands for the creation of a new nation under the auspices of the Sword Lords and the Crown of Rhestilor. Needless to say I was dumbfounded.

I was next called to be awarded for my service. There was some talk of the relationship between Rhestilor and Razmiran, though I could tell it was politically forced. I was granted the title of Citizen of Rhestilor and exempt from the taxes normally associated with the title. Although I had no aspirations for titles or ranks, I thought they could give me something greater than citizenship.

Stonehands received a medal of valor and the title of Sir Dwarf. Little else was said of his origins as his relationship with his homelands is strained. Boris was granted the title of Sir and dubbed Knight of the Empire along with a medal of valor. He was further recognized as the heir to the Cisarovna family. Ebihelin was in attendance and looked pleased, though it was extremely hard to tell.

Kurgar was not in attendance, but had been mentioned by Halsted Garess as being a valuable asset to the expedition to the Greenbelt and would be compensated for his continuing service.

At that point Halsted raised another scroll and proclaimed that we would receive a new charter. This charter entitled us to establish a nation in the Greenbelt under the guidance and support of the nation of Rhestilor. Cedric was appointed Baron and would be charged with gathering a council to assist in forming and maintaining a sovereign nation. I was doing my best to hide my surprise and pure amazement that we were being given this task. Halsted finished his proclamation and adjourned the court.

Cedric was greeted by his family who had also rushed to congratulate Stonehands. Boris exchanged a few words with his mother who then approached me! Ebihelin shared that she had followed my instruction and brought Ilsa to the cathedral of the Sovereign Host to speak with the clergy about finding proper instruction. She warned me that whatever I had heard was to be kept secret and I assured her that I had no intention of doing otherwise. She presented a small box and told me it was a gift for my services. She then made for the exit before speaking with a few politicians that I did not recognize.

The Fellstorms had announced that there would be a celebration at their estate later and extended the invitation to all that were in attendance. Cedric personally invited me, but I politely declined. I had no intention of attending some wild party.

As I left the chambers to return to my inn, I was approached by Stanis who wanted to speak of my new charter I received. He looked at it as a sure way we both could return to civilization. I would help build this nation and he would assist in any way possible, guiding it to be one that was friendly to the Church and Thrane as Razmiran was. I was unclear how that would help me leave this place, but he guaranteed that it would reveal that we had accomplished as much as we could and would better serve church and country if we returned home. He asked if we could discuss matters over dinner. I was still reeling from the news of running a country so I agreed.

Dinner was as pleasant as expected. Stanis was more interested in his own career and his plans for when he returned to Thrane. I kept asking him how I could return, but he was scant on the details and kept assuring me that I would.

On my walk back to the inn, I reached into my pocket and pulled out the small box I was given. I slowly opened it to reveal a small magnifying glass attached to a silver chain. It was small enough to be a pendant, but it seemed to work just fine as a loupe. As I pulled it away from my eye it began to enlarge. It could shift in size on command and was able to reveal even minute details in all sorts of materials. A very interesting gift. I must have looked so odd walking through the street observing the box and the cloth inside it with a hand glass. I had it resize to its original size and clasped it around my neck. I continued to the inn.

So here I sit at my room at the Wyvern. I stayed here when I was in town months ago. It’s certainly better than the accommodations I had at the Cisarovna’s. I’m interested in what the next few days will bring.

Lharvion 16, 817
Fellstorm Estate – Brindol

I had planned to stay at the Wyvern for the duration of my stay in Brindol, however my day took an unexpected turn and here I am at the Fellstorm manor. I should note that I am in my own quarters, alone.

I awoke this morning in good spirits and decided that I take in what Brindol had to offer. After living out of a tent and wearing the same clothing for days at a time I wanted to expand my wardrobe some and purchase a few fineries that I thought I was due. After visiting a seamstress and a cobbler, I decided to spend some time with a cup of tea at a small bistro near the center of town.

After enjoying an hour or so of catching up on the news of the rest of Galifar from two months ago, I decided to take a walk. I was curious as to what kind of estate the Fellstorms maintained and began to walk toward the edge of town. The Fellstorm manor was a few miles from the city limits, it was amongst the dozen or so estates that surrounded Brindol. Once I arrived at the estate I found I needed to prove who I was to some domestic who ambushed me as soon as I entered the courtyard. I had already spoken with the guards at the gate and they informed me that Cedric had notified them of my potential visit. The house maid was not quite satisfied even when I produced my traveling papers and entered the house proper.

When I entered I was immediately aware that my decision to forsake Cedric’s earlier invite was a mistake. The manor was exquisite and adorned like the noble homes I had visited in Cyre and Thrane. I was greeted by another of the house staff who offered to show me to Cedric. I was sure I could have found my way as I heard Cedric yell at another to ‘do it.’ I entered the room just as I saw Cedric held down by several men while two others drove red hot brands down on the back of his hands. Apparently he was now in the habit of self-mutilation. He hardly squirmed and when the smell of burning flesh finally hit me he called for everyone to be off him. He remained with his eyes closed and hands clenching the arms of the chair he sat in for some time. It was as if he was in meditation or deep thought. The house maid had not yet announced me; I think she was terrified of what she saw. I was more confused than disturbed.

I finally announced that I was present and Cedric seemed to snap out of whatever haze he was in. I first asked for an explanation of what he had just done to himself. He claimed he needed to do it to reaffirm his belief in his deity and that ‘Dol Arrah would guide his hands.’ I inspected the still grotesque wounds and sure enough his patron’s holy symbol was now burned into his flesh. I chided him for what he had done and he began to chuckle. Lunatic. I am truly concerned that he may not be in the right state of mind for the task ahead. The man just scarred his flesh by choice.

After several minutes of religious debate Cedric’s mother stepped into the room. Cedric introduced me to her and she was quick to compliment my appearance and that she would be overjoyed if her son would settle down with someone like me…Her questions entered a territory that both Cedric and I began to disagree with and we both steered the conversation toward something else. Ophelia, Cedric’s mother extended an invitation to dinner and I accepted.

Dinner was quite something. I hadn’t been to such a mix of proper dinner and raucous revelry. Stone was present and was the subject of many a joke and the abuse of every child in attendance. Some of the older children and grown men were even taking part in the rough housing. Stone was a different person; he was the loving uncle to these people. It was so strange to see him act that way. I had really never cared to examine Stonehand’s psyche, but he always seemed to be very alone and treated Cedric as a son. The entire Fellstorm clan it seemed was equally part of Stone’s ‘family.’ I wanted to discuss a few matters with Cedric before the night was over, but I quickly learned that it would be impossible to have him hold a conversation when drink was so readily available. Before getting up to leave, Cedric assured me that he would be ready for a run in the morning. I doubt he will even be able to find his bed tonight.

I was about to leave when Ophelia stopped me, she offered one of the guest rooms and I accepted. I was more curious than anything to compare the Cisarovna guest room with what the Fellstorms had to offer. As I am writing this from a comfortable room with an abundance of bed linen I can safely say that the Fellstorms have won this contest.

Lharvion 17, 817
Stone Wyvern – Brindol
Late morning

I woke early and refreshed. I was surprised I slept through the night without being rudely awakened by the lively party. I heard music and laughter as I fell asleep, but it must have been quiet enough after that. I was eager to get a run in before heading back to town. I had a full day ahead of me and I didn’t want to delay. I got dressed and went to find Cedric. I wasn’t quite sure where his room was, so I asked the scullery maid. She was one of the few house attendants awake at that early hour and was in the process of baking bread. She gave me directions and insisted I find it alone as she had work to do. I wanted to explain that I wasn’t one of his regular callers, but I felt that it wouldn’t matter.

I found the room easily enough, but it appeared empty. The bed was made and it appeared that he was already awake. It was impossible so I returned the maid and asked if she had seen Cedric. She had not seen him and assured me that he was still in his room as he was up until only a few hours ago. I asked if she would kindly show me to his room as I must have visited the wrong room. The bread was just placed in the oven so she obliged. We returned to the same room I had come to earlier and she pointed inside. I told her there wasn’t anyone in there. She rolled her eyes at me and stepped into the room. I had not entered before and had not seen the entire room. The maid walked toward the bed and stood beside it. The bed was between her and the door and so I could not see what she was looking at. I stepped into the room and now saw what she had discovered.

On the far side of the room, the Baron of the Greenbelt was in a pile of pillows and intertwined limbs. I counted three women in the heap of bare flesh, but my count could have been off. The maid prodded Cedric who groggily woke up. I had remained where I was and had no intention of getting any closer to that carnal nest of strewn about clothing and bare bodies. The maid announced I was waiting for him and he sat up and asked for assistance in locating his clothing. Cedric looked extremely tired, but after a moment of holding his hand to his brow he appeared as refreshed as someone who had a full night’s sleep. Paladins…He began to stand and I turned away and stepped back into the hallway. Cedric called out an apology, but pointed out I was in his room. I had no answer. I heard Cedric talking with the maid and shortly after that giggles. I told him I would wait outside in the courtyard.

The smell of slightly over baked bread began to fill the air as Cedric entered the courtyard. Full plate fully buckled and fastened. He wore a different armor than what he found in the forest temple. This armor had his family crest and emblem on the chest and a garish depiction of Tira Miron as Dol Arrah’s champion on the back. I commented that his armor was still too heavy to keep up with me, but he only shrugged in response. After making it half way back to Brindol I was winded. I had run the entire way and waited several minutes for Cedric. He arrived and was no worse off than if he walked wearing common clothing. I announced that using his divine gifts was unfair. He laid a hand on my shoulder and I was instantly refreshed. He argued using the gifts of his patron was not dishonest, so I shared a gift from my faith and tripped him before running off.

I slowed down for Cedric to catch up. We jogged back to Brindol and discussed the plans to return to the Greenbelt when we arrived at the gates. Cedric wants to waste no time and leave tomorrow. While I admire his dedication, I would have preferred to stay a bit longer. It would be nice to stay out of the mud and muck of river lands for a few more days. Cedric once again removed any fatigue from himself and went into town to take care of a few errands before heading back to his estate. I departed and headed back to the inn to get a change of clothes before venturing out to collect the various sundries I had ordered.

Lharvion 25, 817
Oleg’s Trading Post

We arrived at Oleg’s during the middle of the day. Our first order of business was to talk with Oleg and Svetlana to invite them to be a part of our council to rule the nation of Miron. Yes, the nation will be named after the champion who sacrificed herself to bind the demon within the Silver Flame. Cedric ofcourse supports her as Dol Arrah’s champion. While both are true I find her sacrifice and joining with the Flame to be her defining moment and thus more so aligned with the tenants of the Silver Flame.

Regardless, Oleg and Svetlana were discussed on our trip down from Brindol. We all agreed that they would be perfect candidates as members to our council. Oleg’s knowledge of the land and his occupation would serve well as our nation’s treasurer. As it turns out, when we approached Oleg with this idea he revealed far more knowledge and education than I expected. He is perfect for the position.

Svetlana was always seen as the voice of the people. We would be in need of someone who has a deep understanding of the culture and ideology of the people of the river lands. She has shown sympathy and wisdom throughout our time here that embodies the role of counselor.

While it did take some convincing, both accepted their positions. We also wanted to seek out Jhod to offer him the position of high priest. I had accepted this idea, only because the Host is the dominate religion of the land and it would ensure stability. I intend to work with those that seek the Flame’s guidance when we have established our community.

Traveling back to Oleg’s, we had plenty of time to discuss the other roles of our council and Cedric had ideas for each position. Akiros and Kesten were to serve as Warden and General, respectively. I was still wary of Akiros, but he had proven himself thus far and had shown redemption. Kesten was a military man and had no love for his current obligation. He would serve us well. The role of Marshall was not established. We had few leads as to who would fill this role, but knew that it would need to be filled or our lands would remain unprotected. Boris was interested in the role of Marshall, but realized that his knowledge of the land along with his relationship with the Sword Lords would better help him serve as our ambassador. Stonehands would act as our architect and lead our civil engineering. The dwarven tongue calls this person the Byggmesteren. Kurgar was sought to be our enforcer, someone who would follow direct orders and act as our martial hand of the law. My position was a little less forthright. As I am an inquisitor of the Silver Flame, my position would be similar to what I do already. I have been tasked with seeking out corruption within the new government and secretly protecting the nation’s assets.

Lharvion 26, 817
Soot-Scale Caves

We stopped at the kobold caves on the way back to Fort Serenity. We had decided that we would establish our first settlement at the fort and call it Halcyon. The kobolds had been friendly to us in the past and we wanted to establish a proper treaty before our nation began. Cedric in particular wanted to have the support of Chief Soot-Scale and the rest of the kobolds before expanding into any of the lands. He wanted the kobolds to be under his rule, while the Chief had other ideas.

Chief Soot-Scale had a hard time yielding to Cedric’s wishes. He didn’t like the idea of being subjugated and retold how his people had just recently overthrown an evil overlord who preached similarly to how Cedric was. I finally stepped in to translate into Draconic. Kobolds speak Draconic, but it’s a very simplified and informal dialect. I had studied Draconic as many of our sermons are delivered in it and many masses are performed in high Draconic. The Chief was impressed by how well I spoke ‘the language of the scaled.’ I explained how in my faith it was used for our most important rites and he was extremely interested. I had found a convert in the Chief of the Soot-Scale tribe. Not what I expected, but the Flame does not discriminate as long as all that seek its guidance be true to its message.

After about an hour of speaking to Chief Soot-Scale about the teachings of the Silver Flame we returned to the topic of the kobolds joining our nation. He only agreed to join if one of his most trusted warriors be added to our council. At first Cedric and the others were not interested, but it seemed it was the only way. We were still looking for someone to fill the role of Marshall and while unorthodox, a kobold would be well attuned to that occupation.

We plan to visit the Old Sycamore tomorrow to speak with Zat, one of the Chief’s most trusted warriors and current keeper of the kobold’s newest property. Tonight we continue to ingratiate ourselves with the kobolds. Boris and Cedric are taking to healing wounded hunters that went on a failed attempt to kill Tatzlwyrms. I have begun to translate some of my hymnals to draconic as many kobolds have shown interest in what the Chief and I were discussing earlier.

Lharvion 27, 817
The Old Sycamore

We had a successful visit to the Old Sycamore. Mik Mak, one of the Soot Scale tribes’ best warriors accompanied us to the tree. There we spoke with Zat who took immediate interest, but was extremely wary of our motives. He spoke with Mik Mak at length of what the Chief had to say. I’m not sure he was aware I was able to understand him, but he didn’t seem to care if I did. He accepted our invitation to honor the Chief. We spent the rest of the evening explaining what his role would be.

Lharvion 28, 817
Fort Serenity – Halcyon

We arrived at the fort and met with Akiros, Kesten, and Jhod. We explained our new charter to them and they were all very interested in assisting. All of them had already been groomed by Cedric when he had stayed at the fort in the past. Akiros would be our Warden, Kesten our General, and Jhod the High Priest.

There was a small celebration and ground breaking. Stone went out to the fields surrounding the fort and began to work with Cedric suggesting layout and best areas to place buildings. I thought it was a little premature, but as they were finishing up their surveying we saw the first of several wagons arriving carrying supplies and colonists.

Personal Memo -- S. Anitah (For Report 2)
A bad day of fishing is always better than a good day at work

Personal Memo

Rhaan, 818

My charge by the Lord Surtova was to act as an emissary to the Council of Miron and learn about the state of their growing nation. I’ve determined that the active nature of the Council requires that I accompany them on their travels to best achieve my mission. However, it is not my intent to sacrifice sacrifice my life on tangential quests. After a rather unpleasant encounter with a remote lake-island, I left the Council to their own devices and returned to Balinor’s Helm with the Lions in tow.

I found the next day and a half to be far more enjoyable. In fact this was probably one of my more memorable days. I had a an excellent day sailing the lake with the Captain of Balinor’s Helm and the gnome crew learning a bit of sailing and the gnomish tongue. The lake was plentiful with fish and a generally enjoyable view. It was really spectacular. During our travels we met with a group of local traders and exchanged goods (The people of Miron seem to be a great deal more grounded than the members of the council). We even stumbled upon a satellite island overrun with delicious exotic berries and a truly relaxing atmosphere. It was certainly a day of days.

Notes for the report to Lord Surtova:

  • It appears that Lion Eloise has contracted some sort of mind affliction. Though the affliction’s nature remains a mystery to me. I intend to consult with Lady Adra after we land in Halcyon.
  • The Council attempted to cure a werewolf using some plant they collected on that awful island, I question the wisdom of such an action.
  • Ambassador Boris remains a point of suspicion and contention with me. He appears to dabble in the art of necromancy which I find more than a little disconcerting.
Adventure Log – Session 12: I’ll get off her lawn

We counted the pirate plunder, and added it to the coffers. The largest prize was a Longship, likely valued at 1o,ooo gold coins. We christened her Balinor’s Helm. I dug deep and gave of myself and asked Balinor for a favor. He was pleased and granted the ship the miracle of hunting. Now the crew can fish for 10 minutes, and catch enough fish to feed its occupants for a day. We hired a small crew of a half-elf captain and five gnome crewmen. I would think we have a small start of a navy.

We traveled to a witches homestead and parlayed with her over tea. She seems to have a giant scarecrow golem watching over her land. I gave her some fish, and she gave us information on the surrounding area. It should be useful having an old-lady witch as a friend. No doubt she is up on the gossip of the neighborhood.

I think I have cracked the a few of the secrets of enchanting arms and armor. I will need to pick up more supplies, and for that I require much more gold. However, soon I can see that everyone is armed with a flame weapon to battle the wicked wooden spawn. Aibreann is rather exited at the prospects of a trollslaying weapon.


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