King of the Stolen Lands

Session 3: Beneath the Old Sycamore Tree – 12/22/2011
Mabel McCurren

[Session 3: Beneath the Old Sycamore Tree – 12/22/2011]

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Today we attempted a foray into the depths of the mites subterranean layer. The labyrinthine tunnels run deep and are supported by the root system of a massive sycamore tree.

The mites infesting the sycamore tree are of the odd sort, and seem to play at games that injure and maim one another. The expedition witnessed a game where they used miniature catapults, laded with spiked caltrops, endeavoring to lob them into their compatriots gapping maws.

We rescued a kobold that goes by the name of Micmac and identifies himself as a member of the sootscale tribe. Understandably he was quite gracious and seemed to be of the logical sort. I have hopes that his tribe would make for an agreeable alliance.

Nephwick’s magic has proved useful once more though sleeping a group of four of the nasty creatures. More poured forth from the bowls of the den. A particularly ugly mite rode on the back of an unusually large sized tick to do battle. He summoned forth a giant centipede that terrified Nephwick. Kalanvrae did battle with the dreaded beast. I was nearly fatally wounded. Kalanvrae managed to slow it down so that Nephwick, Jessi-Belle, and I could escape.

I blacked out near the end to find myself in the cart. Nephwick is going on holiday. I don’t think he will be back. Kalanvrae is not among us, and is assumed to be dead by at the means of the sycamore’s centipede. He will be missed.

We will need new recruits. Perhaps we bolster our ranks with sootscale kobolds. Perhaps Kurgar’s letter will bring more mercenaries to the expedition.

Today was a bad day. I am hoping better for tomorrow.


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