Tag: Kobold


  • Mik Mak

    Mik Mak born in Sootscale Tribe. She strong warrior, win many battle. Much Dragonblood in her. She fight with Chief Sootscale and Zat to kill Purple-scale. Now travel land to unite Kobolds under one Chief.

  • Zat Katel

    Zat's story is one most adventurers know all to well. When he was just a young kobold his cave was raided by adventurers. The slaughter was thorough, most of his tribe was dead or grievously wounded. He and several other hatchlings managed to survive …

  • Tim-Tam and Kev-Kin

    Some time after forming the alliance with the Soot-Scale tribe, Adra had attracted two kobolds who were interested in learning more about the Silver Flame. They wanted to be shaman for the tribe, but after hearing the second hand version of the gospel of …