King of the Stolen Lands

Adventure Log – Session 13: Running away towards Aibreann

Well we began exploring an unfortunate island. Thick thorny underbrush covered the island and seemed to hunger for human blood. The ambiance was terrifyingly depressing, and overcame my heart with apathy. I dug deep inside and thought of what makes me happy, and thought of Aibreann. Without a thought, I palymorphed into an eagle, and headed back to the ship. The gnomish crewmen tried to strike me down with a grappling hook, I think to sup on my eagle flesh. I dove into the water and struggled to make it to the ship. I will need to learn to swim.

After resting the night, I traveled back to the island to check on my companions. Oddly I located them easily enough checking out the ruin of a tower. I found a dagger, picked it up, and it began forcing its will onto me. I warned my companions about its effect, but they ignored me. I cannot seem to contemplate this reaction. It then compelled me to attack Cedric.

Now a priest attacking a fully armored paladin with a dagger should have been a easy enough to subdue. I was outnumbered three to one. Not to mention that two of the three outnumbering me had healing magics. Any damage that I could have cause, could have been healed once my mind was my own again. Yet Stone thought it best to kill me or chop off my hand. I do not understand that mad devil of a dwarf. I do not understand if Stone is feeble minded or wicked. I don’t know how to reconcile my duty to my unit with serving with this foul creature.

The fey queen Narissa’s home, prison or resting place . . . I am uncertain. The island was writhe with willow-the-wisps. I am certain one stole my long sword. I can’t wait to go back.


Foul creature! You simple minded oaf at least record the truth and don’t lie to your self about what happen. Yeh picked up the dagger, announced that you wanted to attack one of the religious ones. Then instead of doing it or asking for help, you blinded Adra, or tried, again choosing to attack a woman. So Adra fought off a wisp, while I tried to disarm you, the person best equipped to heal themselves.

That is two against three at worst Clipclop. You didn’t seem to care about the deaths in your family, but any one who raises blade against mine,I will semarily strike down.


You betrayed both your unit and I. Your refusal to see your actions as anything but disloyal, dishonorable, reprehensible and tactically unsound is astounding. I cared for you, healed you, and protected you as a loyal brother in arms. You repay me with an overreacting maiming at the first sight of mental domination. Yet I helped you with you’re bout of mental domination without attempting to kill or maim. I was able to disarm you, and I have less training in swordplay. Thusly you are not a brother-in-arms, but a dangerous fool. I have lost what little confidence I held in you. It sickens me that serving my family must include caring for such a being. Your inability to atone for your misdeeds is profoundly troubling. I suggest you seek council with a priest of your faith. As it stands you are a detriment to moral and a liability.


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