King of the Stolen Lands

Jessi-Belle's Journal Session 4`

Jessi-Belle's Journal,

Hello again Poppa,

Much has happen since my last letter. I am not sure where I left the last letter off, so I might be repeating myself in the beginning, if so I am sorry. We left the old sycamore tree and headed to the cart, this was just the kobold who ran off when the elf let himself die, and the gnome. When I got to the cart, there was another kobold attacking the human we left to guard the card. I am not sure if I had mentioned him previously, I have yet to talk to this one, Ranblow I think is his name.

The other kobold, Zit Zak Zat or something like that was an ally of one that we had rescued in the tunnels. He stopped trying to kill Ranblow and we worked it out that the first and most important thing was to get away from the tree, to rest and tend to the wounded girl. We traveled south west for some time, and thought we found a spot, but one of the kobolds was able to smell wolves, so we went along the river for a while longer. We found a little spot along the river where another group had set up camp. We figured they would be leaving soon. I occupied my time by begging to dig a shallow grave to lay out Mable in, just in case. Unfortunately when the other party woke up they were less than righteous people. They attacked me, and one tried to lay hands on Mable while she slept… At least one of them was in the employ of the Stag Lord, they were wearing his amulet around their neck.

Once everyone was well healed the kobolds insisted on returning to the tree, I didn’t mind this seeing that I still wanted to get the remains of the elf so he could be properly venerated. Traveling through the tree was rather simple at this point, we had already dispatched most of the Mites, and quickly found a few things of interest, including a map of the land around here, which one of the kobolds reproduced, the statue they were looking for, and I found the body of the elf. I did not know of a better way to deliver him to his ancestors, so I laid his body to rest in the river so than Hansper may carry him to where he needs to be.

From there we headed toward the Kobold’s den. Originally the two had us “big folk” wait outside. A short time later, Mic Mac came running out in terror with a few of his brood following suit, it appeared that they were fighting a false shaman, a purple kobold named Tartuk, I had not heard stories of him previously, but he would apparently lead kobold tribes to doom and wars they could not win. He was defeated, and the kobolds celebrated and allowed us to enter as allies of Mik Mak and Tic Toc. I was honored as being a representative of Queen Nyrissa. This, along with the other recent appearance of the fey, and their interactions with my group has lead me to believe it is finally time for me to pick up the grandmama always said I would. Which is why I went to the river to try to commune with Nyrisa herself. I have made a pact, as Grandmama has, and carry on the family way.

It was after we left the kobolds den that I made the deal, we took a very winding route toward the trading post I had previously mentioned. We met the drown spirit of one who is an enemy of the Stag Lord, I promised the tortured soul that after we killed the Stag Lord, that we would throw the body of the Stag Lord in the river. We are coming up on the trading post now, so I will wrap this up.


I sent the little king in the direction of the tribe. I told him that the family would help to assist him get back to the lands he comes from, I am sure he understood that meant for a fare price.



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