King of the Stolen Lands

Jessi-Belle's Journal Session 2

Jessi-Belle's Journal,

Dearest Papa,

I have made myself known to the group that has been traveling through the river lands lately a few days past. They are monsters, and I worry about placing myself in their circle. They have murdered many men, in horrible ways. Drowning in the river, and worse commanding people to obey their commands.

I did not reveal myself until after their fight, so far I have tried to avoid to overtly letting them think they are getting me on their side. A Human woman, Mable, was injured gravely though, as well as their Half-Orc druid. I aided the druid, and then the woman, who went about delivering aid to the rest of the others about.

Mable after seeing to her friends, started raiding the dead with out bothering to give their souls any parting prayers, she began to loot the pockets and packs of the dead. I lit a pipe of tobacco and spoke a word to the departing spirits, I asked Hansper to deliver their spirits to Dolurrh. Shortly after I had finished Mable approached me and gave me a small curative potion, asking what it was. Knowing her healing skills I told her it was nothing to her, and pocketed it for later. Mable seemed oddly displeased with my explanation, but c’est la vie.

The dwarf exchanged a few words with me, not enough to form a proper opinion, but it seems the stories of old about Dwarves seem to have made them more cultured than they appear. This one was actually smoking body parts of the fallen, not smoking like fish, like pipe. This one has left the group now along with a wagon, one of their horses, going to claim a payment he believed he was owed by the Sword Lords.

Speaking of horses, how is Pretty? I do hope little Odranoel is taking proper care of her. I have included in the letter a few candies left for me by a faerie, please be sure to give one to her.

A gnome travels with the group as well, Nephwick, he seems to be most proficient at magics, but believes himself to be a king. It is quite funny to listen to him speak, I may need to record that which he says find a way to make a performance for some of the others out of it.

The druid is probably the one I have spent the most time with over the last few days, but we have spoken little. He does have a wonderful pet though, it has spent many hours running around my feet and scampering around with various things.

The elf and I spoke, he seems filled with so much hate and anger, I am not sure what could have happen to one such as him, but he shows signs of potential for redemption, I will go into the details later though. His name is Darkesh. It is sad though, even when he is smiled upon by the Fae, he grimaces at their gifts and grouses about wonders. You see, the elders were right, and Thelanis has come to the forest land again. The group wanted to explore the woods, a part of their mission it would seem. While we were resting one night, they spirited away his boots and replaced them with loaves of bread. The next night the boots were returned the next morning with gold inlay and wonderful filigree, but as I said Darkesh just complained, said they were ugly.

I planted the small healing potion Mable had given me as an offering to our faerie friends and when I awoke, there were the most wonderful wicker men, one of each of us hanging above me. As I mentioned before, they have also given me candies, this was because Darkesh had made comments about how he had heard stories of our prowess at song and dance, and had not yet seen any such acts from me, so I dedicated a dance to the wee folk, and when I was done there was a pile of candies waiting for me. Don’t worry, I know enough to be weary of the ways of the Fae, but so far all they have given me is payment or gifts in return for what I had given them, keeping the scales balanced as you would say.

Oh, also possibly of interest to you, when Mable was taking from the dead, after I first met everyone, they found a crate of “hill people milk,” the green kind that tastes like licorice root. Apparently it was a shipment for the Stag Lord. I will do my best to look into this, and will keep you abreast of any revelations.

It appears that the group is currently here with three assignments, the first is to explore and map the area, nothing of our concern. The second is to recover a lost ring of some sentimental importance, but little monetary it would seem. If by chance any of the family sees a plain brass ring with a pearl, it may be the one they are after, and we might be able to recover more than its worth from the group. Finally, what concerns me most, is that these people, at least Mable and Darkesh, believe themselves to be the law in the land, I am sure that the lands will “balance the scales” as they have other times, this group scares me. Attached is a copy of a letter “entitling them to power in the region.” You’ll forgive me for not sending you the original, but it may be of use later.

I must conclude the letter to you now dear papa, I just saw some creature leave the old Sycamore, we have been watching it believing that the small ones living under it have taken the ring. I must alert the others. Much love to the family.



Great job, Nick! Thanks for expanding Jessi’s role in the world. It is great to have Mabel and Jessi’s very different viewpoints represented. Jessi gains 100 XP and 1 Hero Point.

Jessi-Belle's Journal Session 2

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