King of the Stolen Lands

Session 2: Wayfarers of the Greenbelt – 12/03/2011

Mabel McCurren

[Session 2: Wayfarers of the Greenbelt – 12/03/2011]

##Insert Date###

I woke up from a disabling blow to find out that some gypsy women standing over me. I proceeded to check if the bandits were slain, or bound, and bathed the area in healing of the divinities. I then proceeded in securing resources to fund the expedition. I detected that one of the items was some sort of magical potion, valued at the minimum 50 Galifars, the gypsy clamed the magical elixir, and acted like she was entitled to it.

She offered to join the expedition, at least in an informal fashion, and no one protested. It is certainly welcome to have another target on the field of battle to increase ones odds of survival. It turns out that she is a local, and is somewhat familiar with the area. Jessi-Belle could be a welcomed member as having a local traveling with us could prove useful.

Unfortunately the walking target, Kurgar, went back to Oleg’s Trading Post seeking to send a messenger requesting payment from the Sword Lords. I will miss him on the battlefield, but not at mealtime.

We entered a wood infested with fey. Kalanvrae had his sandals swapped out for bread, Jessi-Belle must have had something stolen and replaced with voodoo dolls, and my bathing bowel’s water was replaced with the sweet golden honey of The Greenbelt! I could not believe my fortune! I enjoyed quite the snack, and carefully pored as much as would fit into an empty vial. This will be quite the treat to add to my morning oats!

We did not find Svetlana’s wedding ring. Nephwick’s lackey, Clarence, claims that some little blue men living under a tree took it. I have never seen, nor heard of such beings, mights he called them.

I am apprehensive, but a job is a job, and I want to get on the good side of the Leveton’s. They could stand to introduce us to the local hunters, and trappers of The Greenbelt. They could buy the spoils of our anti-banditry operation, and hopefully possess a mail order catalog. I am thinking in investing in their business. We have yet to find other traders, and I get the impression that they are it. If we are to have a foothold in this land, then economics, and a good name will prove to be most useful. Yes, perhaps offering gold for store credit would be a good place to begin in aiding Oleg’s Trading Post.

##Insert Date###

Kalanvrae went off scouting without me. I do not like being left without the martial symmetry a swordsman offers my particular divine blessings. He found two four trolls! Four! They were playing in the water, splashing, and playfully hitting each other with two deer . . . as if they were highborn girls on a nighttime retreat pillow fighting . . . and then evidently they began with the “pillow talk.”

I am not terribly thrilled with the number of trolls the expedition has encountered, five to date. I think we should arm ourselves with what anti-troll paraphernalia we can find, and afford before we are whisked away to be devoured in some fifthly den.

##Insert Date###

Jessi-Belle is not convinced that we are the local constables, and that Nephwick is a king. I will let her figure out that he is insane on her own, it should not take much time. It would seem that the expedition does not mind having a king along, or at least does not mind humoring him. Thus far it has not been an issue.

We found the hundred-foot tree easily enough, and began our initial observations. Ghazog and Jessi-Belle noticed six of them running, two broke off from the group, and we succeeded in tracing them down. They were less than cooperative, and evidently are some sort of enclave of sentient vermin bandits. As such we decided to eradicate them.

Next we tracked down the group of four, fortunately to find them pre-slain. Kobolds seem to be helping in our efforts to rid the area of bandits. I only hope they prove to be of the civilized, or otherwise peaceful variety.

Randall, should make short work of these mights. Ghazog did well befriending such a devastating magical creature. I look forward to the fray, and hope we find the spoils necessary to obtain some troll slaying implements.


Great write-up, Rich! Mabel gains 100 XP and 1 Hero Point.


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