King of the Stolen Lands

Session 4: Of Mites and Kobolds – 01/02/2012

Mabel McCurren

[Session 4: Of Mites and Kobolds – 01/02/2012]

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Evidently while recovering from the giant centipede attack the group encountered four of the Staglords men. Unlike the common misconception kobolds are terrifying warriors.

After I regained consciousness we traveled onwards to the sootscale tribes liar. Interestingly enough they took up residence in an old abandoned silver mine.

Mik Mak and Zat Katel ventured into the lair, presented the devil idol to the chief, who smashed it on the ground, and rallied his tribesmen to do battle with the purple scaled kobold shaman named Tartuk. After much confusion, and dark sorcery, Tartuk was slain.

We found a gold vein, and encountered a drowned soul requesting the body of the Staglord in out travels. It would be nice to have gold, and it is interesting to have undead allies. We encountered a vile owlbear on the plains, and dispatched it. I think it was elder and sickly.

Ghazog, Mik Mak, Zat Katel, Jessi-Belle, and I headed off to Oleg’s Trading Post. I hope the humans react well to the kobolds presence.



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