Boris Cisarovna

Young zealous priest who lives for the hunt


—Boris Cisarovna CR 4—
Male Human Cleric of The Sovereign Host 4
NG Medium humanoid (human)
Initiative + 2; Senses Perception + 12
Aura Moderate Good

—Passive Combat Statistics—
AC 17 (Dex + 2, Mithral Shirt + 4, Mithral Shield + 1), touch 12, flat-footed 15
HP 23 (4d8) □□□□□|□□□□□|□□□□□|□□□□□|□□□
Fortitude + 4; Reflexes + 3; Will + 7

—Active Combat Statistics—
Melee Longsword + 7 [1d8 + 2, 19-20/x2]
Ranged Sling + 5 [1d4 + 2, 20/x2]
Speed 30 feet
Space 5 feet; Reach 5 feet

—Special Abilities—
Predator’s Grace (Su): [swift action] 10-foot bonus base speed (additional 5-feet per 5 cleric levels), and gain low-light vision. You can use this ability □□□□□|□ rounds per day.
Night Hunter (Su): [standard action] become invisible in dim light or darkness to creatures without darkvision for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your cleric level (minimum 1). You can use this ability □□□□□|□ times per day.
Channel Positive Energy (Su): [standard action, that does not provoke an attack of opportunity] heal living or damage undead (DC 13) 2d6 in a 30-foot radius □□□□□ rounds per day.

Second [x2+1] (CL 3rd; Concentration DC 19; Save DC 15) Blindness [D] □, Grace □, Lesser Restoration □
First [x3+1] (CL 3rd; Concentration DC 17; Save DC 14) Obscuring Mist □, Protection from Evil □, Sanctuary □, Sleep [D] □
Orisons [x4] (at will) Detect Magic, Light, Purify Food and Water, Read Magic
D Domain Spell; Domains Animal – Fur, Night – Darkness

Str 14; Dex 14; Con 10; Int 10; Wis 17; Cha 14
BAB + 2; CMB + 4; CMD 16
Feats Additional Traits, Blind-Fight, Boon Companion, Selective Channeling
Traits Eyes and Ears of the City, Hunter’s Blood, Slippery, Sword Scion
Skills Diplomacy + 6, Engineering + 7, Healing + 7, Knowledge: Religion + 4, Perception + 12, Riding + 3, Sense Motive + 7, Stealth + 10, Survival + 10, Spellcraft + 4.
Languages Common
Features & Special Qualities Armor proficiencies (light, medium, shields), aura – moderate good (Ex), channel positive energy, cleric spells, cleric domain abilities, domains (Animals – Fur, Night – Darkness), favored class – cleric (skills 3), orisons, spontaneous casting, weapon proficiencies (simple, longsword).

—Arms and Armor—
Stag’s Helm [+2 competence bonus on Perception checks, insightful shot 3/day]
Masterwork Mithral Chain Shirt [AC 4, MDB 6, ACP 0]
Masterwork Light Mithral Shield [AC 1, MDB –, ACP 0]
Masterwork Cold Iron Longsword [1d8, 19-20/×2]
Masterwork Heavy Mace [1d8, 20/×2]
Sling [1d4, 20/x2] and Bullets □□□□□|□□□□□

Leather jacket, leather breeches, leather over-tunic, wool hooded cloak, wooden holy symbol of Balinor and The Sovereign Host on a leather necklace, leather belt, belt pouch (222.90 GP), signet ring, wool lined leather gloves, cotton undergarments, and sturdy boots

—Masterwork Backpack—
Inside: grooming kit, oil □□□□, rations □□□□□|□□□□□, towel, winter blanket
Outside: bedroll, hand axe [1d6, 20/x3], hooded lamp with □□□□□|□ hours of oil, silk rope 50’

—Masterwork Survival Kit—
Flint and steel, a mess kit, two waterskins, very basic maps showing major landmarks, a small utility knife, survival guide [Survival +2]

—Fortified Abbey—
Masterwork Artisans Tools
Dark Green Spinel Gem
Masterwork Longsword (1d8, 19-20/×2)
Tassel Worm Skin
Cleric Vestments
Knight of The Empire papers and medal
Medal of Valor


The Cisarovna family have been monster slayers for generations. Boris’ great-grandfather hunted several lines of vampires into extinction. His grandfather was an undead slayer known far and wide for slaying the dwarven lich sorcerer Flintwicket. His father defeated an attempt by a guild of wererates to overthrow The Sword Lords. His mother is whispered to be next in line for grandmaster at the academy. His older brother slew a man eating giant on his twentieth birthday. His younger sister talked a ghost out of haunting a local farm at the age of six. His cousins all have similar heroic stories. The bards sing of the deeds of his family often. A line of bards make a living doing so, and have married into the family on several occasions.

His father, for his deeds serving the The Sword Lords, was awarded the hand in marriage of one of the Sword Lords daughters. He selected Boris’ mother at a grand ball in his honor. All the families presented young ladies of marrying age. His mothers family is steeped in swordplay and martial prowess, and have fought there way into the ranks of the Sword Lords of Brindol.

Boris has a great deal to live up to.

Boris is a faithful follower of The Sovereign Host. Truth be told he favors Balinor, and prays to him daily. Balinor is the patron deity of the Cisarovna’s. It the custom of his mothers family to insist that all the gods of The Sovereign Host be worshiped equally.

Boris’ faith is such that he manifested divine spell casting in his early teenaged years. Boris has a reoccurring dream that displacer beasts were once servitors of Balinor, before they were corrupted, and turned against him. Boris thinks that his divine manifestations draw energies from the same well that Balinor used to create the displacer beast from the panther.

Boris went to study at the monastery, and learned the ways of all the gods. He is not as strong as his brother, or nearly as clever as his sister, but he has an understanding with the gods. An understanding that he hopes is similar to that his grandfather and great-grandfather knew. For this is grateful, and hopes to someday understand the secrets held by the high priests.

The displacer beast manifestations of Balinor grant Boris the ability to move at unnatural speeds while blending into the darkness. Boris becomes a predator. Combined with those abilities and the fact that Boris is a bit preoccupied with panthers and displacer beats troubles some of his fellow clergymen.

Boris is keen on perfecting his hunting abilities, and lives for the hunt. In the seminary he would often spend his nights hunting rats, cooking and eating them. This is rather standard fair within his family of obsessive survivalist hunters.

The Cisarovna family tend to spend there downtime hunting for food, raising crickets or worms or beetles for food, preserving food, and building or fortifying their various strongholds with traps, stockrooms, and overly excessive armories. The Cisarovna’s customarily prepare eight meals a day, three to eat, and five to preserve for an emergency. His mother hires people to do that for her, and this provokes the ire of many in the family.

Family reunions are cause for survivalist drills and combat training. Every Cisarovna seems to have a different reason to prepare for a calamity. If the Cisarovna’s were not so famous for their monster-slaying, then they would likely be seen as crazed followers of a doomsday cult. They have bards to make sure they are not seen that way. It helps that the Cisarovna’s give their oldest preserved food to the church to feed the hungry, in order to make room for fresher stock. Additionally they are willing to train anyone who is willing to convert to their way of thinking. Often they can be quite overbearing preaching there message. It is standard fair to insist that those in need of food be taught the various methods of procuring it. Many rangers are trained by the Cisarovna family.

Boris Cisarovna

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