King of the Stolen Lands

Stones's Journal #26

I Got My Dick Wet and turtle stew

So it seems that quite a few of my recollections have not been preserved in Cedric’s annals. So I am going to take it upon myself to recreate my musings based on memory of stone and the other’s notations. Though instead of working my way back, and creating a new back log for myself I am going to keep recording going back and post other events when I can create them.

Cedric & Adra seemed to have decreed it time we work on the cities again. Sometimes I wish we stuck to a more stringent schedule, instead of when ever those two fancy with a month. Any way I spent most of the week focused on Tatzlyford. We had a bit of a celebration of the brokering of a deal with the new city and Tiressia.

Between Tiressia helping to save Gem Mugs Bloodbeard agreeing to the opening of a lumber mill and helping designate what trees are okay to be milled, and Lady Eibhilin van Tarsis sending what I thought were a bunch of damn layabouts to build Tatzlyford a park, I was kept busy say the least.

I didn’t have access to my work station but I wanted to make the armor I promised them little fey that visited last time I was in the woods after dealing with the giant. It wasn’t the best of my work, but the stuff should fit the buggers well enough.

After our week of counseling it was time to ride out again. I guess the threat of the trolls was getting enough attention that it was time to do something about them. I’m sick of us not bringing the wagon out when we go to take care of things, and so I shelled out the money for a pony and a cart. I am thinking of naming the pony G.B. short for Good Borris.

We rode out and explored an area we hadn’t been through yet. We found the fishing hole one of the locals told us about. I’m sorry I am not personable to immortalize them in my notes, but I am sure Adra went into detail on them already. Any way besides being a good fishing spot, it is also a terrible place, hell a terrible place to fish at that. A big ol’ turtle had been eating those who fished, while I don’t particularly mind something keeping the Gnome population in check, but I learned that Mugs loves the blackened catfish, so I need for people to be able to fish.

I spiked some dried fish I found onto a rope and I guess fished for the beast. It took a few minutes but the turtle took the bait, Cedric and I pulled the thing ashore, or well we were all wading really, i guess that’s how I got my dick wet.

Cedric and I hacked away at the thing, well I don’t know how much Ced really did, not enough to lure… you know, I am tired of calling it the turtle, or the beast, and “Crackjaw” is just too grand a name for what it was so I am calling it Heinrich. Heinrich wanted my sweet meats. He got a good bite off too before my axe separated his head from his shell. You’ll not my lack of mentioning Adra though out the turtle fight, thats because I take it from Ced the lass was laying in the grass moaning about her back. I understand she goes running in the mornings with Cedric, but the girl needs to learn that a woman needs to be flexible, stones are more pliant that she can be. Anyway, i loaded what was left of Heinrich on the cart.

Oh, one more thing happen which confounds me. In poking around in the nettle and the reeds I found a aquamarine. My first rant about it is what goblin-loving elf got the Galifaran name to a gem, a stone, to be Aqua which means water if you didn’t know…. MARINE another khyber blasted word for water. Calling a stone, A gem waterWATER!

Any way, I was going to toss the stone to Ced, but thank the Flame I decided best to walk it over. Adra investigated the thing and at least this particular waterWATER has a water elemental inside. Which is not apparently the ones that let the big cities have ever flowing faunts etc, but when you break it, the gem, it will drown people for you…. Errr, the water spirit inside drowns people for you, but it likes you. I said that none of that makes a damn lick of sense and we should just sell the thing.



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